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Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

By stargazerr ·
Looks Like Underage is back ... He is Masquerading under the username donkey@ ...

Jay, Smorty ... before all **** breaks loose ... please get him out of here

Proof??? Check this link out


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Revocation is simple solution

by hostile17 In reply to It's Not Sensorship

I don't believe censorship is the issue, as it is more that a user is violating a forum's policies. If a user violates a forum's rules then that user is subject to having his/her user ID revoked. Likewise, should they simply create a new profile that too would be subject to the same policies. Posting in a community forum is a privilege not a right. Just revoke their privileges.

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by e_caroline In reply to Revocation is simple solu ...
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Simplisitic solution, not simple

by e_caroline In reply to Revocation is simple solu ...

You say this as if it were clear who is "violating the policies of the forum".

It isn't at all clear... I rarely bother with the forums here because there is so much IM/chatroom banter going on in every forum. You cannot find the information for the one-liners that clog the site.

I'd guess that many "regulars" see the place as their private chatroom and simply want to eject as an intruder anyone who a)isn't part of the in-crowd and who b)makes the same sort of smarmy, belittling commentary the regulars make toward intruders but who aims it at the regulars instead.

We can see the camel's nose in the tent elsewhere in this thread. There is mention of filtering nasty words too. Another proposed boondogle of wasted effort.

Once you get in the business of trying to edit everyone's words to suit others you end up with a mess.

Every flimsy crybaby comes out of the woodwork demanding protection from their personal demon.

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Crystal clear, if you will look

by jdclyde In reply to Simplisitic solution, not ...

I have only seen SPAMMERS get ejected up until the point of Underage getting booted in the last few years. There may have been others, but nothing I have heard about.

This shows that TR is NOT having to spend a lot of time on this issue.

If you go into the specific tech discussions, you will not find all the "IM/chatroom banter" that you dislike so much. If you CHOOSE to go into the Misc section then it is more of a free-for-all. Read what you want, join in where you want, and have as good of a day as you want.

If you really take a look around, very few people are asking TR to do anything about anyone (accept make the pages load FASTER!!!!)

If your around more often, you will see that in tech life you CAN be a person as well as a tech, and not have to be thinking and talking tech every minute of your day. The "chattier" people are not having closed conversations that you are not allowed to join in. Feel free to join in where ever you may, and even start a discussion about things that interest YOU.

Adding a personal touch does not take away the very valid tech points of this board.

"Come on in, the waters fine!"

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by lordchance In reply to Simplisitic solution, not ...

I have drifted in and out of chats and forums these past 20 years E_Caroline and I have found one thing to be true. That being you will always have to sift thru the chaff. In a good forum, if you ask a question you get help. I have been here several time under different accounts (got to remember to be more careful with my account info)and I have always got the information I came for. One liners I can stand. Abusive posts and flooding I can not. :-)

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No it's censorship

by ds4211a In reply to It's Not Sensorship

Glad I'm not the only poor speller about. I was wondering why I never got any replies to my posts. Just sign me The Invisible Man

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Of limited value

by Ice Czar In reply to How about hiding him?

Im an Admin for a forum with some 50,000 rowdy active members, we are using VBull 3, and while "coventry" as you discribe it is useful, they trip to it rather quickly.

IP banning is also of limited use, since so many trolls are on a dynamic IP, or simply employ a proxy

in short, there is nothing for it vigilance, detective work and reasoning with the little miscreants. That and a superior wit

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Hiding flamers ... temporary fix at best

by lurk&learn In reply to How about hiding him?


Not personally being an IT professional (I'm in healthcare and run a medical practice, act as my LAN admin though with IT support) I usually don't comment on TR forums. But every industry, medical specialty and niche has its forums. We have flamers, including those that post too frequently, too voiciferously, or out of proportion to inherent value in forums I monitor. It's a problem. These people seem to derive some odd (inflated?) pleasure from seeing their own words posted in cyberspace.

But hiding posts by a flamer seems only a temporary fix. He or she will surely figure out sooner or later that nobody else is receiving those posts, and won't know why so will accuse the forum admin of censorship or worse.

If someone's posts are perceived as inappropriately annoying, offensive, or unprofessional, I personally favor a single warning post from forum admin, followed (if necessary) by temporary suspension of forum list participation privileges. The "third strike" option would be a more protracted or permanent ban from participation (but of course a simple workaround is for the flamer to register with a different username/email address).

Even in my medical specialty (laser refractive surgery) there are certain chat forums with flamers. We have to gently and periodically remind these folks to keep discussions professional rather than personal. Sometimes it helps to point out that others use the forums to teach and/or learn, but not to criticize or rant.

Hope this helps.

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I agree if...

by liquidxit2 In reply to How about hiding him?

Thats the best Idea Ive heard. The only issue is that how would the decision be made to do this? and how long would it take to put into action. I believe a squelch or ignore button seems easier so each individual can squelch them for that disscussion. kind like what these other people are saying.

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I love the ignore button

by secretsheart In reply to How about hiding him?

I love when a forum or chat has the ignore button because you can rid yourself of annoying people, if only life was that simple.
I think its an excellent idea to add the ignore button.

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