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RED FLAG! Another member to avoid in Tech Q&A

By Oz_Media ·
The following 'peer' MDLNET@... is wasting time in Tch Q&A.

While posting an open question for IDEAS, and recieving SEVERAL answer that lead him/her to exactly the information requested, some tips on addressing issues etc. ALL answers were rejected and the question closed.

It was almost as open as "what is your favorite colour", and yet with the responses provided, non condescending, some offering information on specific products and others simply a HOW TO reply, the question was closed. The peer 'flagged' offered 4000 points for answers, got another 1000 for closing the question and from what I see (purely MY judgement here) all responses SHOULD be acceptable in the context of the question.

Profile shows 7 questions asked, one not answered ONE acceptable answer and the rest ALL rejected or left unrated.

RED CARD for THAT IT Department manager from California, god help those who have to work for this guy every day! Send him to the showers !

Now that we have this cool tagging system, we can actually list all these yahoos in a common TAG (thanks again TR) So I have started the following TAG set for just such cases we can list other similar instances and keep abreast of these RED FLAGGED 'peers' now.

"Red Flagged member, Poor Q&A activity, Open Questions"

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I've seen that, but fail to see how that answers my questions.

by deepsand In reply to Check this out

Your link points to the root of the thread.

Were you perhaps intending a subordinate post?

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Link I posted

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to I've seen that, but fail ...

That's odd that it only takes you to the root, as it takes me to post 31 of 34. Anyway, here is the appropriate part of the post, by a TR employee:

3) We limit the number of open questions you can have at one time. Have too many open, unrated questions? Well, you can't start another one until you've closed an old one. Close an old one without rating/responding, and your meter will suffer.

4) We surface questions on your signature. That little box with your rating meter that follows you around? We add a "Help this user" link that takes you to that person's open questions. If somebody helps you, you now have a quick and easy way of returning the favor. We may even give extra meter bumps to people who answers questions through this link path.

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Yes, but what has that to do with Oz's depicted use of Tags?

by deepsand In reply to Link I posted
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mea culpa

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Yes, but what has that to ...

My apologies. After getting a good night's sleep, I reread the posts. Although they are on the same topic, i.e., dealing with Q&A abusers, the suggestions/implementations are not the same. Hopefully, we can make your suggested interim approach work or TR can actually come up with a solution.

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Any thoughts on the missing element?

by deepsand In reply to mea culpa

That is, getting someone off the blacklist, without needing the intervention of the member who initiated the bar?

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Re: Any thoughts

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to mea culpa

Perhaps TR could un-blacklist those who go back to rate a suitable percentage of answers, after making the blacklisted person wait perhaps 30 days. Suggestions?

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But that requires TR's intervention.

by deepsand In reply to mea culpa

We're seeking an interim procedure that can be self-administered by the members alone.

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Expunge without TR intervention

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to mea culpa

So. . . you have a single discussion titled something like "Q&A Offenders," where primary posts list the offender, and secondary posts provide additional detail from others. When someone wants to expunge someone, they create another primary post with the word "Expunge" preceeding the ID of the previously banished. By having the expungement line up at the same hierarchical level as the original banishment, it would be easier to see and take the appropriate action -- either consider that person expunged OR reply with adverse information or additional commentary for expungement.

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How to unblacklist someone

by Oz_Media In reply to mea culpa

Well obviously if ONE person posts and says HEY, WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY. Then ten other people say YEAH, LOOK AT THIS TOO! THen one must use his OWN judgement when deciding to help the person, it doesn't mean nobody is GOING to help or that the person is banished from TR.

So if later on four or five people start saying YEAH BUT HE DOESN'T DO IT NOW or HE WAS FAIR WITH ME, then again the person can make a decision whether or not they help the guy or not, again he wouldn't be BANISHED or DISQUALIFIED, but regulars that know of a flagged alias can choose to help others instead, IF THEY CHOOSE.

We aren't suggesting policing it but flagging or giving a heads up on someone's negative activity.

Pretty straight forward and simple really.

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2 methods to be used in tandem being considered.

by deepsand In reply to mea culpa

1) Ask that all those making the Primary post blacklisting someone accept Peer-to-Peer messages, so that they can be asked to alter their original post accordingly. Obviously, since this will require voluntary co-operation, it cannot be relied upon in all cases.

2) Establishing a specific Fixed Description for Secondary posts which can be used to view the current consensus re. the member in question. With this, in the event that the original postor is either unreachable or declines to rescind their banishment order, we will have an alternative method for rehabilitating a member's standing.

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