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RED FLAG! Another member to avoid in Tech Q&A

By Oz_Media ·
The following 'peer' MDLNET@... is wasting time in Tch Q&A.

While posting an open question for IDEAS, and recieving SEVERAL answer that lead him/her to exactly the information requested, some tips on addressing issues etc. ALL answers were rejected and the question closed.

It was almost as open as "what is your favorite colour", and yet with the responses provided, non condescending, some offering information on specific products and others simply a HOW TO reply, the question was closed. The peer 'flagged' offered 4000 points for answers, got another 1000 for closing the question and from what I see (purely MY judgement here) all responses SHOULD be acceptable in the context of the question.

Profile shows 7 questions asked, one not answered ONE acceptable answer and the rest ALL rejected or left unrated.

RED CARD for THAT IT Department manager from California, god help those who have to work for this guy every day! Send him to the showers !

Now that we have this cool tagging system, we can actually list all these yahoos in a common TAG (thanks again TR) So I have started the following TAG set for just such cases we can list other similar instances and keep abreast of these RED FLAGGED 'peers' now.

"Red Flagged member, Poor Q&A activity, Open Questions"

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YOu may have noticed discussion tags

by Oz_Media In reply to Details please?

THey sit below the title when you start a thread. As was pointed out yesterday, I have tagged all teh Friday Yuks, so they are easy to find and GROUP together.

So by creating a TAG and using those same common tags for similar issues, we would all be kept abreast of time wasters by reviewing tagged/flagged abusers.

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I understand Tags. But, how do we link ...

by deepsand In reply to YOu may have noticed disc ...

Tags with a specific member?

And, how and where would such be cross-indexed?

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Good question

by Oz_Media In reply to I understand Tags. But, ...

I know they are in some form of beta right now. When I asked Jay that same question he threw a crapload of tags with my Friday Yuks on them, I just haven't really thought or bothered why yet.

The idea is not really to track them by user but by searching the tags, you would at least see who's been wasting time. If it becomes popular, then it woul dbe easy to se ejust hwo is a waste and who isn't, it's not like there are dozens daily so remembering a current mamber who wastes time is pretty easy.

Perhaps, thos tags COULD follow the abuser though, as we have talked about before.
it's a starting point anyway.

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A suggested interim approach.

by deepsand In reply to Good question

1) Establish a dedicated Discussion, for the sole purpose of publishing the IDs of said offenders.

2) There shall be 2 types of posts.
..a) Primary posts to Identify offenders; and,
..b) Secondary posts for addition comments from others re. the membered identified in the Primary.

3) Primary posts shall be posted as Replies to the Root only.

4) Primary posts shall be comprised of:
..a) Title bearing the ID of the offender; and,
..b) And optional Body for addition Comments re. that member only.

5) Secondary posts shall be posted only as Replies to a Primary post.

With this structure, one can both easily add & search for specific members IDs.

The one element missing is a mechanism for expunging the records of the rehabilitated. Any suggestions?

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by Oz_Media In reply to A suggested interim appro ...

Make it so number one.

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Aye, aye, Sir.

by deepsand In reply to Well
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Great answers

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to RED FLAG! Another member ...

"Rejected" is pretty harsh for such good answers. If my knowledge of soccer is correct, the first card is usually yellow.

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Red cards

by Oz_Media In reply to Great answers

Normlly you get the Yellows first. Sometimes a yellow will be immediately followed by the red if the player argues the call. IN UK football, the ref is pretty mutch the pitch GOD, he decides how much time needs to be made up due to delays, penalties etc. And calls the game when HE is ready to.

BUT you can be red carded for a serious infraction. No passing Go you are just off the pitch.

In this case, the guy dissed FOUR replies, all offering information he has requested. RED card on that one!

'kin loser needs a knock in the n*ts.

And this is from a supposed IT Manager! What a dork!

Here's a GREAT idea from a UK Football website forum.

They actually do yellow, red and black card members!

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Re: Red cards

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Red cards

How about a red graphic -- from another thread:

"Perhaps you could attach a graphic of someone getting a wedgie to those with too many open questions."

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Football Penalties

by BFilmFan In reply to Red cards

I thought all the fans just ran around to the other side of the stadium and beat **** out of the other fans.

At least down here in America, that is how you settle penalties at Little League games..haha.

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