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RED FLAG! Another member to avoid in Tech Q&A

By Oz_Media ·
The following 'peer' MDLNET@... is wasting time in Tch Q&A.

While posting an open question for IDEAS, and recieving SEVERAL answer that lead him/her to exactly the information requested, some tips on addressing issues etc. ALL answers were rejected and the question closed.

It was almost as open as "what is your favorite colour", and yet with the responses provided, non condescending, some offering information on specific products and others simply a HOW TO reply, the question was closed. The peer 'flagged' offered 4000 points for answers, got another 1000 for closing the question and from what I see (purely MY judgement here) all responses SHOULD be acceptable in the context of the question.

Profile shows 7 questions asked, one not answered ONE acceptable answer and the rest ALL rejected or left unrated.

RED CARD for THAT IT Department manager from California, god help those who have to work for this guy every day! Send him to the showers !

Now that we have this cool tagging system, we can actually list all these yahoos in a common TAG (thanks again TR) So I have started the following TAG set for just such cases we can list other similar instances and keep abreast of these RED FLAGGED 'peers' now.

"Red Flagged member, Poor Q&A activity, Open Questions"

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Football Hooligans

by Oz_Media In reply to Football Penalties

Great game as well as the movies

If you're on the right side of course

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Sad but true

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Football Penalties

How can we expect the kids to know how to act when the parents set such a bad example?

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And that's just the cheerleaders...

by Jessie In reply to Football Penalties

And their parents of course.

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Cheerleaders packing heat

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to And that's just the cheer ...

Perhaps we shouldn't sell rifles at the snack stand after halftime. . .

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yup...pitch cards

by jck In reply to Red cards

Gary Neville of Man U...waits for a fan to return the ball so he can throw holds it and looks at him...when the attendant comes over, Neville turns his back and the fan throws the ball at him. He kicks it back over toward the fan but not hitting him nor with any velocity.

Neville gets the red card and has to leave. The fan is still in the stands arguing and isn't immediately escorted off for holding up a match that 40,000 others are watching.

If the referee in the Premiership has the ability to remove players who are a detriment to the game, he should have the same power with fans who become the same problem.

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Yeah right

by Oz_Media In reply to yup...pitch ca ...

I'll give you $1000 cash, you choose the currency of your choice, to stand on a football pitch and TRY red carding a fan. LOL, man that would make the papers!

Idiot takes on drunken football hooligan at game.

"Dressed similar to a referee, but obviously completely unaware of where he was at the time, a man took to the pitch and attempted to stop a verbal altercation with a fan by red carding him out of the game.
Doctors say his condition is weak and may stabilize in the next few days, if all goes well.
The fan has been given a pitchside seat for the remainder of the season and will receivea written apology from the man who masqueraded as referee if he recovers."

Now the only hard choice for the editor is whether to add it to the comics page or front page.

Police in riot gear with horses and tear gas try not to get involved, some guy in a pair of shorts and striped shirt isn't gonna cut it. This isn't the NFL, where you are dealing with a fat, drunk wareouse manager/weekend warrior, this is a football match. It's like telling the mafia they need to leave your casino.

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If you read *closely*

by jck In reply to Yeah right

I said "remove", not red card. Take a second look...I promise.

BTW if I remember right if a player refuses to leave the pitch during the game following being red carded, the referee can request security to remove that player so that the match may proceed. He can also call the match as well.

And, not everyone I've seen at fixtures is an Elle MacPherson or Liam Neeson. So, I wouldn't go making Premiership matches out to be fashion model recruiting spots. Next thing you know, you're gonna be talking about how puny the American military is while you're living in Canada.

And BTW...I'd love the job of removing drunken hooligans from the stands at a football pitch. It would give me a reason after the first swing to "restrict" the idiot from assaulting me again.

I think you, like Prince Charles, need a gift certificate to LensCrafters, Oz...or...need less drink so your vision will improve and you can see the words.

(your faux story was funny tho :))

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That's how a ref removes a player

by Oz_Media In reply to If you read *closely*

You were saying that if they can remove a player, they should be able to remove a fan.

THey will red card and then ask the player to leave, I don't care how big you are, you certainly are nomatch fro the several hundred/thousand allied hooligans at a Premier game. Like I said, even the riot polics on horseback avoid that lot.

Aqs for models, I think you read into that a wee tad too far. My point was, these aren't weekend warriors, they are full time hooligans, again, like trying to remove the mafia from your casino.

As for the military, how could anyone on earth possibly forget that you have spent the most money on your military. It is trupeted on the daily, evening and weekend news. Trumpeted by Bush and his cohorts day in and day out.

Whatever floats your boat I suppose, but it does nothing to impress me or anyone else I've ever met.

Just wave the flag and sing America The Beautiful until your hearts content, again, whatever floats your boat.

Canada's government is talking about doubling our military size overseas, GREEEEEEEAAAAAT, now if only somebody cared, other than to express distaste in our government mentality becoming closer to Bush.

I've been to NFL and CFL games, done the tailgate party thing etc. it's all show and no go. People ACT rowdy and boisterous, but then the wife sends them to the bathroom with little Timmy and out come the baby wipes and all the rest.

Not exactly a Premiership football game by any stretch of the imagination. Like I said, I'd pay $1000 in any currency to see you try and shut up a rowdy fan there. You'd soon lean the meaning of 'mate' in England. Not those you turned up with but EVERYONE that's on your side.

The ref doesn't stand a hope in **** at rejecting a fan, the police do it nowadays (in riot gear and large numbers, gas optional) just to remove one or two fans, the onslaught of the others makes it hard to even remove the worst of the lot.

The ref? not a hope. He's smarter than that, has a wife and kids, brain, it's just not worth it.

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removal vs penalty

by jck In reply to That's how a ref removes ...

I do believe, if the police just told a drunken man in a pub he had to leave...and he didn't want to...they'd have to remove him to make it a "remove". Showing him the copper and pointing the nightstick isn't always gonna do the trick.

Words or gestures aren't always effective. You should know that.

And since the fans are so bad, I guess that fan who grabbed the player a time back wasn't taken out without an ensuing city-wide riot, eh? I think you are casting a general stereotype on all football fans in England now.

BTW, I know what mate more than one venacular.

And as for teams in the NFL not having full-time hooligans...I could introduce you to some guys who run a bike shop in CA (one of them is my cousin) and they are full time Raiders fans and wear Raiders clothing to work and live, breathe and talk Raiders football. That kind of kinship and conviction to a league or club is not exclusive to the British...otherwise, Italian football would never have a riot when Lazio and AS Roma play. And, there have been some huge fights just outside of Raider games with dozens arrested...much like last year at Portsmouth vs Southampton.

And as for the military comparison, it wasn't to was to point out the absurdity that I never mentioned about *me* going onto a football pitch to red card or "shut up a rowdy fan". And again...when I say remove, I do *not* mean "shown a red card"...I mean...physically, literally removed...just for future reference.

Save the antagonizing "America the Beautiful" stuff for'll get more of a reaction out of him even when I'm having a bad day. :)

As for going to pro sports matches, I've been to all sorts of them. I've seen fights and arguments and everything. I wouldn't be bragging about the willingness of some British football fans to fight over anything anyways. And, I surely wouldn't be making light of a man taking responsibility to take his child to a restroom. Are you implying that taking care of your child is unimportant when there's a sporting event going on? Or that taking turns with your wife caring for the children isn't important during a sporting event either? Is that something you refused to do when your wife asked you and your family was at a sporting event? I surely hope not, but that's what it is sounding like by your attitude toward those who take their responsibility as a parent over that of a sport.

Again...I think you underestimate most fans in England. Not all of them are the types that roam Europe and start fights in foreign countries and get banned from travelling there anymore. And, not all of them are macho egotists who think fixtures and pubs and Yorkie bars are for men only.

Believe it or not, there are British football fans who don't fight over everything. And, there are Americans who aren't the ultra-patriotic fanatics that you paint most of us who mention military or government (even when it's in passing) that are American.

I still think highly of you, Oz...but, you jump out with twists on terms and build from there.

God...I hope this doesn't lead to me quoting Merriam-Webster again.

Have a good weekend...hope you don't lose at the track

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Thus the distinction

by Oz_Media In reply to That's how a ref removes ...

Football hooligans, thus not referring to the majority of people in England or the pubs in anyway.

Football hooligans in England are no different than the bloods and crypts, without the firearms, SOMETIMES. It would generally be a big mistake to pull a gun on that crowd anyway, you better have enough bullets and be a good shot.

I have neither referred to people in England in general or people at football games in general, but the football hooligans specifically. Whether they know each other or not, it's still one for all and all for one depending on which side you sit/stand.

As for a comparisson to FANS and the clothing they wear, I also made no reference there either.

Again, I think you are reading FAR too much into it and that's why you end creating these illusions of what was really said, or as you may feel, was implied.

My point is, I have seen rowdy crowds, believe me, metal heads in Germany are a very rowdy bunch but a very civilized and friendly bunch too. In North America, concert crowds are just lame. Usually too rowdy and not even interested in the show itself. But when one gets into a scuffle, one or two friends may jump in but most people just stand aside and watch, which is not the case at a Euro football match.

I've seen my share of rowdy NLF and CFL fans, in fact most are people I was unfortunately with at the time they/we all get arrested or tossed out of the game.

This is all pretty much nothing compared to a riot at a football game though, most guys aren't that big at all, but very hard and very well supported, that's the problem. People stick together there and will band together against what they feel is wrong, such as a ref tossing a fan at a football game, whether they know each other or not.

You have taken such a miniscule and what was intended as a humorous comment and turned it into a pissing contest, that's all.

Your comment was, why doesn't the ref just throw out an unruly fan.

My reply was, because they are far too scared to even consider it. And so would anyone else in that position, if not they're just stupid.

And as I said, I would pay good money to see someone try it, now THAT would make world news!

I don't see what you are TRYING to prove though.

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