Reformated HD. Can I recoup wp files?

By mpespiet.livingstone ·
This is a cry for help! A virus caused System32Hal,dll to become corrupt and a tech has reformated the disk. Is there any utility out there that can help me recoup word processing files? No back-up was made and the files are absolutely essential. Unfortunately, I relied on my new Norton U. spyware. Isn't life great?

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by jdmercha In reply to Reformated HD. Can I reco ...

A lot depends on what method was used to reformat the drive. Sometimes reformatting a drive only involves wiping out the File Allocation Table. In this case the data still remains in tact on the drive and can be recovered using software such as Norton Utilities.

But even NU may not be able to recognize some data as a single file. So you may have to rebuild the files by looking at the contents of each sector. This can take a very long time, and is not all that easy to do.

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Some good open source stuff

by XT John In reply to Sometimes

I accidentally did the same thing to a pc recently. The first tool I used was my Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (an article posted on Tech Republic not too long ago described how to create one). There are several file recovery tools included that are ok, but didnt recover the Outlook address book I needed (though it located quite a bit of documents). There are quite a few good shareware programs that wil allow you to do a search, but not recover unless you purchase the software. This way, you can see if it finds what you need before buying. The one I used (can't remember the name at the moment) found the address book, but the $30 price tag wasn't worth it to the user; we restored the address book from another computer.

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Willing to purchase the software...

I'm actively reading programs listed by CNet. Some of the shareware allows you to recover just 32kb's but reviewrs say full copy is worth it. Is there any program you know of? Price range is wild-- anywhere form $15 to $99...
Thank you very much for your promp reply.

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I'll try NU!

by mpespiet.livingstone In reply to Sometimes

This will be my 1st option. I trust tre program will be good enough for this (not so for the anti virus).
Thank you very much!

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Recovering lost files

by pc21geek In reply to I'll try NU!

I use an application called " Recover My Files " Works great, it was around $70.00, and found all but 2 files i needed. You can search by file extension .exe, .doc, .xls, etc. Here is the URL:

Good luck!!


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