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Registry Cleaners

By csalmon2 ·
I have two Registry Cleaners installed in my workstation. One is from 3B Software and the other is Super Utilities Pro from Tech Net. I ran both programs, and oddly enough, Super Utilities indicated 497 registry errors while 3B?s Windows Registry Repair Pro reported 21 errors.

I want to know why registry cleaners report different results after scanning? It is like getting a second opinion from a doctor? Are there any trusted reliable software that actually yield correct results after scanning and removing invalid entries from the registry?

Clifford Salmon

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I personally

by Tig2 In reply to Registry Cleaners

Like and use CCleaner (

I think that what you may be seeing as discrepant between the two tools you use has something to do with recursion. In order for CCleaner to pick up everything, you have to run it recursively. That way, you are controlling how bits of programs get cleaned up- a first pass may get rid of a few things, the next pass will find new leftovers, and so on.

It sounds to me like Super Utilities has recursive check built in while 3B's is more like CCleaner.

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Using cCleaner...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I personally

in no small part thanks to your recommendation. Love it - it's excellent. I have tried several others in the past, and not been happy with them at all due to the fact that they bung up the registry and cause problems after being run. I had given up on them until reading your many recommendations.


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Anything for a steady customer

by Tig2 In reply to Using cCleaner...

I am really glad to know that you find it a good and helpful tool. I would hate to think I sent someone in a direction that totally screwed them up!

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Three freebies used in synch

by craiglarry In reply to Using cCleaner...

I use last free jv16 and easycleaner to cull out registry sludge. Both of them from time to time will want to delete good ones, so I keep another freebie installed to catch the mistakes they make. Spybot S&amp will stop you and say this is a good and important reg entry, do you still want to delete it? So far it's worked well.

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perfect for daily use but ...

by peter r In reply to I personally

CCleaner use for daily practice both as data- & registry-cleaner is near perfect, but for deep digging into serious problems you need a more powerful registry repair unit (maybe more than 1).

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More POWERFUL is not always the answer

by craiglarry In reply to perfect for daily use but ...

with jv16 last free and easycleaner, it certainly is not the most powerful. And with spybot S&amp it is the meek who shall inherit the earth. Try to think, more conservative is better. Do you need to get rid of EVERY stinking problem? Or do you need to get rid of most and not worry about the small number of those left over.

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Should we better focus on other OS optimization issues?

by peter r In reply to More POWERFUL is not alwa ...

JV16 is the 'father'of the advanced powercleaners. Using them to solve some persistent 'hangs'& crashes, I found ~ 1200 additional reg.errors, mostly uninstall-remains but ~ 40 were crucial to solve the problems. From then on I agree about persistent left-overs. Maybe we'd better focus now on other XP (& other OS)lacks in optimization like registry disorder, pagefile fragmentation, RAM fragmentation and OS-database disorder. Try out e.g. NTRegOpt or Free Reg. Defrag,PageDefrag or Hare 1.5.1 and notice the results

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Registry Cleaners - OS optimization tools

by cdplayer In reply to Should we better focus on ...

I've use PageDefrag and I found it to be quite useful when I had my old computer which had very little memory and a large pagefile.

I am interested in hearing what others have used and their impressions. Maybe starting a new thread titled OS optimization tools would kick this discussion off to a good start.

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Agree, probably some reading in advance may be useful

by peter r In reply to Registry Cleaners - OS op ...

I agree with proposal, but our editor first should open this new subject, I guess.
Furthermore I think that some preparation will favour the discussion's relevance.
Is it, in that context, possible/permitted to insert some website-links here ?

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You bet

by Tig2 In reply to Agree, probably some read ...

Just enter the page URL from hhtp:// and the board will create a link. For long links, you can use Tiny URL ( and convert the link.

I use a tabbed browser and will most commonly go to the place I want to refer you to, copy the address line, open another tab to Tiny URL, convert, and post.

Tech Republic in a non-moderated, self policing forum for the most part. The peers work together to keep discussions in check... for the most part.

Any questions you have about the site can likely be addressed in the FAQ.

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