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Reinstalling xp with original product key and borrowed disc

By babyanus ·
Hello, I might be missing something really stupid by saying this but I can't find a situation on the existing posts the same as mine. Basically I have lost my xp installer disc. the computer came with xp installed and my product key is stuck to the case, so I have a legit key. I borrowed an installer disc but it said the key was incorrect. I phoned dell who sere useless. They said I would need to buy a new disc. This seems pretty unfair.How can the viewkeyxp program help (if at all)? I used the key on the back of the disc in haste and I can't activate this so I'm totally stuck.
Any ideas?

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by mg_roberts In reply to Dell is correct. Welcome ...

that is incorrect. every Dell CD is exactly the same. you can use any Dell CD with any computer. likewise you can use any OEM cd with any Dell Computer. the only thing the CD might contain is a product ID. which is easily changed through the registry if needed. keep in mind if you run an office full of computers you probably have a ton of those green dell WinXP cd's lying around. they are all exactly the same. the drivers actually come on a seperate blue disc.

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Cheers for everyones help

by babyanus In reply to incorrect

I appreciate the quick replies, but I'm still kind of unsure as to what the best course of action is. I have activated this version and its working, but this is someone elses product key and I don't even understand why its working, so I need to get organised and use my own. Should I buy it from dell? I've seen some on ebay that look legit. Also the reinstall has deletd the driver for my soundcard and I can't find another. Will this be on it too? I gotter get more organised...

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Is it just the sound that isn't working?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cheers for everyones help

No matter you can download the drivers from Dells Web Site look under Support and then Downloads for your Model and possibly serial number and that will give you all the correct drivers for your system.

You may need to install things like USB 2 drivers, Video and some Chip Set M'Boards are not supported correctly by the default Windows ones so to get the unit working correctly you need to download all the drivers and install them even if the unit appears to be working correctly. At the very least you'll get updated drivers and most likely a better working system.


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dell login

by mg_roberts In reply to Cheers for everyones help

if you create a dell login, you can go to My Systems once you've logged in. from there you can enter all your computers by service tag. it will then give you all the drivers for that specific machine. you can also export a list of all your machines to excel and add the license key associated with that machine. that is the easiest way to keep track of the licenses. as i said before, i use one dell XP Pro cd for all of our computers, even the HP's we have. when you go to activate it, it just asks for another key, i enter the key that came with that machine and it generally doesn't activate either due to the number of times it's already been activated. so i call microsoft and have them reactivate over the phone.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Dell is correct. Welcome ...

Several good advices and some poor ones.
Here is how it works
HAL is correct. Each of the HW vendors has a volume license agreement and altered image of Windows. Each company has a small amount of product keys to use for activation. Each company has its own image disk set, and the CD's are only good for those systems which the cd detects.

jdmercha is correct as well, different versions of XP have different product keys

It is a very bad idea to use someone elses product key. I know it got it working for now, but it would be best to either get the Dell cd, probably less than $20 for your system. If not, it is recommended to contact Microsoft and explain the information to them. However, they may request you purchase a new copy of Windows, so I would look to Dell first.

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Is this still under warrenty?

by jdclyde In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

If it is, drop it in Dell's lap.

It is standard for Dell to not send the disks with the PC's anymore.

As for sound, that will be on Dell's site for download.

As for the activation, there is a way to sub this out on MicroSofts website. But being not the same flavor of XP, it probably still will not take the license.

Still a Windows fan after they way they are treating you? They have just screwed you coming and going, and didn't even kiss you first. If you want to load linux, I know a lot of people here would help you out.

Good luck with that.

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Amen to "try something else"

by kkjensen In reply to Is this still under warre ...

[Pre-script: If anyone could PLEASE post the workaround for installing with a normal disk to a machine with a Dell/IBM/whoever locked code on the sticker would be greatly on.]

I work for a small firm and inherited (by default since nobody else will take care of the IT stuff) a couple dozen workstations (Dells, IBMs, local shop deals etc) that all have really nothing in common except windows. We've got the COA stickers on them all but I find it EXTREMELY frusterating to have to phone MS and/or DELL and/or IBM etc every time I need to get something as simple as a windows install to work because someone decided to just "open that attachement" or "check out that website"...<*sigh*>

When I now purchase machines for the office I won't touch a machine that comes with a "convenient" restore disk with a 10 foot pole. We paid good money for these machines and these are the kinds of practices that will definately influence who I buy from in the future.

Disclaimer: I really don't mind MS products or anything else that is corporate computing...I just greatly disagree with these sort of deals between hardware/software vendors. I'm not suggesting *nix is a solution that works for everyone...we just have a lot of older machines that aren't worth buying a modern copy of windows for...linux gives us the functionality we need on the hardware that's already been paid for.

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Reinstalling xp with original disc

by dipakbhtt In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

if u want i will give u original xp disc
but u have to buy it from me
bye see u

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Backup Disks available from Dell

by brad In reply to Reinstalling xp with orig ...

Per Dell's Support site: "Dell Customers can now request a set of backup discs containing the factory-installed operating system as well as the device drivers and utilities specific to your system."

I just did it for a Dell Optiplex GX270 and received a confirmation email. Here is the text of the email message:


Thank you for contacting Dell. This message is being sent to let you know that we have received your request for backup media. We are working quickly to process your order. Most requests are handled within 2 business days. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you once the order has been completed.

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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I hated this

by kkjensen In reply to Backup Disks available fr ...

We lost the installer cd for a machine at work and it took 15 (pronounced "FIFTEEN!!!!!") phonecalls before I got the person that could send a replacement. What a joke...and this for a computer that was barely 2 years old. After spending half a day trying to track down where to the get the disk, next time I'm just going to order the office machines from someone distributing vanilla OEM disks...these restore disks are a joke.

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