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Remanufactured toner cartridges - worth it?

By Tink56 ·
Our LaserJet printers are way past their warranties so I'm looking at going from HP toner cartridges to remanufactured toner. Here's some pricing I found:

Item: C8061X for HP 4100 LaserJet

HP New: 119.95
Rhinoteck Remanufactured: $86.21
Xerox Remanufactured: $79.30
Radian Remanufactured: $72.55
West Pint Remanufactured: $61.05
Verbatim Re-manuf: 57.95

Okay, so why is there a 48% price difference between the Verbatim and the Rhinoteck? Is this going to be one of those "you get what you pay for (or not) things"??

Anyone have recommendations or experience they can provide?

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by RebelFlag In reply to Along similar lines: Exte ...

We tried several of the remanufactured extended life cartridges in a couple different models of HP's. All of them provided less life than a new OEM cartridge, and most were less than the life we were getting from regular reman's. One supplier that "guaranteed" 70,000 pages from their extended life cartridges sent us 2 each for 2 different models of printer, and none of them even made it to 7,000 pages let alone 70,000.

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You get what you pay for...

by toms45 In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

especially in the area of printer supplies. I've used re-man'd (not refilled) toner in a variety of lasers from HP II's of the '80's to new Lexmarks, HP's, etc. I have never purchased from a cold call telemarketer - you don't even know where they're located let alone know if they will actually honor any warranty. Another response asked about "2 to 3" times the life of some recycled toner cartridges, so, here's how that's done. 1. Finer grain toner powder. 2. Overfilling the unit.
3. Outright lie and they hope they never hear from you again.
I will be the last person to paint all telemarketers with a broad brush. I'm sure there are some honest ones. They just haven't called me (don't call now - I'm retired!)
20+ years experience has taught me to purchase from reputable sources, either local or web, get any warranties in writing and most importantly of all get the name of a real, live person in their service/claims department.
Hope this helps.

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Personal experience with Rinoteck

by MC_User In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I've had personal experience with Rinoteck. We use to use them for both ink cartridges and toner but we have dropped them in favor of new cartridges.

Over the period of two years we saw a decline in the quality of the cartridges. The biggest toner problem was related to a chip installed on the cartridge that the printer needs to read and recognize the cartridge as compatible. The printer was not recognizing the chip and the cartridge. Otherwise the remanufactured toner cartridges gave us little problems. Most printed normally with only a very few showing any kind of print quality problem. The life span of the toner seemed much shorter than a new cartridge.

The ink cartridges were much worse. We bought a large stock at the beginning of the year. I believe if they were used promply then there may not have been a problem. However, by the end of the year about one in five were not useable. They were dried out or clogged and not useable.

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All I ever use are remans

by Too Old For IT In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I currently have a deal on HP DJ6p cartridges. Fifty-five bucks from US Laser, if I don't mind bringing the old one by the warehouse. Gives me a chance to bat the breeze with the young lady who worked her way to the top position in the state by providing a decent product at a decent price.

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Remanufactured vs Genuine

by Choppit In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

Personally I don't use remanufactured toner or ink cartridges and don't recommend them. Manufacturers cut costs anywhere they can and this means that if you have a printer cartridge with enough toner for 1000 prints, then it will be equipped with an OPC drum to last 1000 prints. Whilst its true that the drum may be good for 2000 prints under the right conditions who's to say that the cartridge hasn't been exposed to extremes of temperature or been refilled more than once? OEM cartridges are your best bet all round even though they're way overpriced and the manufacturers try to thwart any attempts to refill.

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Remanufactured toner cartridges

by Eric Martin In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

My experience many years ago was not good, with very variable results from a non-oem supplier, so have stayed with HP ever since.

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A supplier to try

by chrisnav1 In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I have been buying from for several years now. Any bad cartridges that I have had (due to bad chips in the cartridge, or they were just defectiv) have been replaced in a very timely manner. HP prices are about standard, but the non-OEM pricing is pretty good.

As an added bonus, you call in and get a live person.

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Not for HP!!

by Bucksandchange In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

We have tried remanufactured cartridges from many sites and found that our HP Laserjet and Deskjet printers will error out and stop functioning. Sometimes we only utilize 1/4 to 2/3 of a cartridge. We have informed our Purchasing department to only order genuine HP replacements. We had replaced a few of these printers before we discovered that this was the culprit. Also, do not mix OEM and non OEM cartridges in an HP deskjet. After it errors, you will have to replace both of them before the printer will work again. Hope this helps.

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Remans and Doublestuffs, to me its where you get em

by andersone In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

About 60% of the 300 toners we deployed last year were remans, and perhaps 15% were doublestuffs. I use them whenever I can get them - but a caveat - we buy all our toners from IKON - and they gurantee everything. Last year I had two bad reman toners, both for HP4600's and the service from IKON is so good the replacement toners were here the day after I called about them - as for a 61 X I used 26 of em last year, and the price I am showing is $83.50 - not the cheapest but still a sig saving ,, I just wish I saw the savings as a bonus check - but we all know it doesnt happen like that,,,,

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I have NOT had good luck with remanufactured cartridges

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I have tried a couple different brands and none of them have performed very well. They eventually printed too dark or with lines on one side of the page or had other printing problems. I've always had to go back to the standard cartridges. I hate that, because the cartridges are seriously overpriced, but I've never found high quality remanufactured cartridges that actually work like the originals.

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