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Remanufactured toner cartridges - worth it?

By Tink56 ·
Our LaserJet printers are way past their warranties so I'm looking at going from HP toner cartridges to remanufactured toner. Here's some pricing I found:

Item: C8061X for HP 4100 LaserJet

HP New: 119.95
Rhinoteck Remanufactured: $86.21
Xerox Remanufactured: $79.30
Radian Remanufactured: $72.55
West Pint Remanufactured: $61.05
Verbatim Re-manuf: 57.95

Okay, so why is there a 48% price difference between the Verbatim and the Rhinoteck? Is this going to be one of those "you get what you pay for (or not) things"??

Anyone have recommendations or experience they can provide?

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It depends on the vendor.

by coolrobc In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I used to use a local vendor when I worked in another region, they were great. If I did have a problem, they came out usually same day to replace the defective cartridge.

Since moving across the state, I can't find a vendor willing to offer the same level of service. Given a roughly 40%-50% defective rate it's just not worth the aggravation.

Often times, a defective cartridge won't start showing it's stripes until you're a few hundred to a few thousand pages in.

If you can find someone local, it might be worth it, otherwise I would say no.

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by mollenhourb In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

We use them all the time at the State of Michigan. They work just fine. The bigger issue you will have with an out of warranty printer (although not necessarily past its useful life), is keeping the guts clean. It matters not what kind of toner you use if the innards are dirty.

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Remanufactured Ink Cart.

by tom0759 In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

Never had the ink cartridges work and hold color match over 2 weeks, will talk with some lazer owners today and see if they have had any luck with after market and if so what brand.

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The best guarantee is the one you never have to use

by TechExec2 In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

Several posters have noted ways to improve the experience with remanufactured toner cartridges. Some have recommended only buying from companies with guarantees. All good advice.

Well, you don't need a guarantee if the cartridge just works. My genuine HP toner cartridges have NEVER failed. EVER. My remanufactured cartridges have failed about 50% of the time. Sure, I returned them every time, got another one without charge, and also had a 50% failure rate on those. And so it went until the "half life" of returns was played out to its ugly end.

Staff time is valuable. The time spent futzing around with these remanufactured cartridges is just not worth it.

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by paul.hudson In reply to The best guarantee is the ...

If you are going to spend upwards of $5000.00 for a laser printer, why in the world would you try to save a few bucks on supplies.

Working for the government I have to deal with recycled, refilled and/or remanufactured toner kits on a daily basis. It's federal law we use recycled everything, including paper.

I spend hours cleaning toner out of printers, and telling the customer to replace their "new" toner cartridge so their printer will stop printing splotches, stripes and dropouts. How do you convince someone that when humity is high the recycled paper jams more often and we can't fix it.

I use the manufacturers statement to order HP toner kits until the warranty runs out. Both Lexmark and HP tell you that any problems caused by non manufacturer toner kits will not be covered under warranty.

I, too, have never had an HP cartridge **** up in my printer. Our recycled cartridges **** up on a regular basis and I am so tired of the "half life" drill.

If you don't have to use recycled, spend a few more bucks and get the best.

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Remunfactured carts are good as long as the brand is good

by jeffusa In reply to The best guarantee is the ...

My company gets remanufactured carts from a local vendor and we rarely ever have problems with them. Maybe 1 in 100 and then it was just squeaky rollers on the cart.

So, to keep it simple, stay away from brands that are making you do 50% returns. If you have trouble with one, try another. Those OfficeMax ones sound like they may be good.

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Completely correct

by w2ktechman In reply to The best guarantee is the ...

I earlier mentioned some differences, but also recommended to use the manufacturers cartridges. Although, I do not have much exp. with remanufactured, I have to agree, especially after reading some of these posts, that it is even worse than I previously thought. The main points are that, the cartidge can be bad, or not rebuilt properly, if at all. Also, the toner (size, color, electric charge differnce, ect.) may be different, and most likely is.
Although there may be some good remanufacturers out there, I recommend only original manufacturer parts, even after warrantees expire. BUT, just because it is an original manufacturer part does not guarantee trouble free, I have had a few bad toner carts before.

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I have used compatibles and like them

by dutch_gemini In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

In my previous position I have used compatible cartridges from ARMOR for all my HP printers.

I was told by my vendor [here in Europe] that these are built using the *same* original housing as HP (made somewhere in Asia, Japan?), filled with the same type of toner and sold halve the price.

In the box you get a test printout and they work fine also with envelopes.

I also tested some from Pelikan but would not recommend them. Especially after 2 or 3 envelopes, the normal pages went grey.

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Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

by dfinley In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I have tried Rhinoteck and other remanufactured toner cartridge's and they just don't hold up to what you can get from buying brand new from HP. The results: toner spills inside the printer and toner smears on print out. It's your choice of buying brand new or remanufactured.

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Had Same Experience

by ewingdweller In reply to Remanufactured Toner Cart ...

Seems that the remanufacturer we were using did NOT replace the imaging roller. The green-colored shiny roller just under the flap that retracts when the cartridge is inserted into printer. Suspect they just cleaned up the visible areas, drilled a hole in the body and refilled it with toner. They would leak toner into the printers, smear, produce lines, etc. Worse case was that the toner got sucked into the motor and fused in place in one of the printers! So, I always ask them to only order HP brand cartridges.

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