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Remanufactured toner cartridges - worth it?

By Tink56 ·
Our LaserJet printers are way past their warranties so I'm looking at going from HP toner cartridges to remanufactured toner. Here's some pricing I found:

Item: C8061X for HP 4100 LaserJet

HP New: 119.95
Rhinoteck Remanufactured: $86.21
Xerox Remanufactured: $79.30
Radian Remanufactured: $72.55
West Pint Remanufactured: $61.05
Verbatim Re-manuf: 57.95

Okay, so why is there a 48% price difference between the Verbatim and the Rhinoteck? Is this going to be one of those "you get what you pay for (or not) things"??

Anyone have recommendations or experience they can provide?

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Hummm Think about it

by jaymoney In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I became a Network Admin about 2 Years ago, We had a HP LaserJet that had some replacement cartridges here in the office. I used one of them and it seemed great, but then after a couple of prints, the Laserjet would Shutter make a loud screech and stop printing. Every time it did this I had to check the printer and figure out what was wrong. Everytime I just removed the last piece of paper and it would resume to only lock up a day or two later.

Because these cartridges were remanufactured I thought they were good, but after this problem go worst I took the printer to be fixed since I change toner to another one and it did the same.

After everything the company we took it to said it was partly the toner replacement, be we still had to pay, u know. After that I went to ONLY HP, and I have not had one damn problem since.

We ONLY use HP from now on....ONLY HP..

Just my two cents.


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in the uk...

by t.a.wiser In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

We use Cartridge World for our HP lasers. By and large, they're OK. We had a bit of a settling-in period where some printers expected the toners to be chipped and complained if they were fed a non-chipped cart. CW have worked round this problem though. We've had the odd toner that simply hasn't been detected by the printer and has had to be replaced, but overall there's been no change in print quality and we're pretty happy with the cost savings.

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Laser printers vs inkjet

by oldbag In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

In reading the comments, I have noticed that some comments have talked about inkjet printers.
I want to clarify my previous response based on this observation.

My company only has about 3 inkjet printers. Only OEM cartridges are purchased for them because I have never had any luck with refilled either at home or work. Whenever possible, inkjet printers have been replaced with networked Laser printers.

For standard laser printers, I purchase my toners from a local Reman dealer (here in Toronto, A&M Computer Supplies). They also provide service to our printers that are out of warranty. I am very happy with their products and service.

Another point is that my supplier will only sell OEM toners for colour lasers. My rep informs me that they have never been able to maintain the quality standards their customers expect.

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Not worth it ...

by dmerrill In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

... if what you want is clear printing. We've tried several brands of recycled or remanufactured toner cartridges in our four laserjets, and all of them performed miserably and/or had some kind of problem (leakage, excessive toner application, insufficient toner application, failure to fuse, short life) compared to the HP new cartridges. If you really want to spend less (which may or may not save money) at the expense of quality, I have a rule: DON'T buy the cheapest one.

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Xerox is good, but...

by lweight In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

We have been using Xerox remanufactured for HP LaserJet 4100, and 5000 and find that they work well most of the time. Occasionally one will trip messages about non-HP cartridges, etc. And one was putting smears on things. Still, given the quantity we are using (public access computers printing to networked laser printers at a public library), the few problems are offset by the savings. Xerox is great to deal with, shipping promptly, for free. (We also buy all our copier and printer paper from them.)

Our Admin assistant tried some remanufactured cartridges from a semi-local vender for a Canon digital copier out of warranty and ruined the copier. As long as equipment is in warranty, I strongly recommend sticking with the manufacturer's cartridges. After that, try Xerox. L. Weight Siuslaw Public Library District

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Save a little to spend a lot

by elkindb In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

My company has tried using remanufactured toner cartridges for the HP5500 color laser printers. I have seen and heard of nothing but problems with them. The first time I installed a replacement black toner cart that was remanufactured; all the paper that came out of the printer had grey smudges all over it. When we had a service tech check the printer out he found black toner all over the inside of the printer. The replacement cartridge had "spilled" black toner all over the inside of the printer. The tech said he has seen this over and over again with remanufactured cartridges. We use nothing but HP cartridges since then, and never have any problems with them. I was afraid to ask how much the service call cost us to clean the printer, but I'm sure it was more than the "savings" from the toner cartridge. When you include the loss of productivity from the "down" printer, we paid a lot to save a little.

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As mentioned before

by mjd420nova In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

There is more to a reman toner cartridges then just refilling the toner. The hopper that holds the excess toner cleaned off the photo drum by the doctor blade will fill up after time and spill toner everywhere inside the printer. A good question and answer with the reman provider should reveal whether they clean out the hopper or not. I never use reman INK cartridges, the color match is impossible.

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I like recycling but...

by wmlundine In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

...the local stores that offer recycling just swap carts...who's to say they actually get refilled. Newegg has your cart for $68

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Stick with OEM

by dschoolxlt In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

I work for a consulting company, and alot of our customers have HP and OCE laser printers and plotters... on alot of the laserjets ive seen remanufactured cartridges clump up. get clogged, give lines, make grinding noises, and even come out the wrong colors alot of the time.. i recommend to ante up and go with oem.. sometimes ive seen some of our customers find good deals on new oem cartridges on ebay... its cheaper in the long run to use the new ones then replace and have to clean rollers, drums and fusers from getting plugged up...

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Junk, Junk, Junk.

by newby7718 In reply to Remanufactured toner cart ...

Several years ago, I headed a corporate team to evaluate remanufactured toner cartridges from sevaral manufacturers against original HP toner cartridges. In every case we found that the remanufactured cartridges gave approximately 65% of the life-cycle that new cartridges gave us. In addition to the shorter life-cycles, the remanufactured cartridges caused streaking which contaminated the fusion assembly and created dirty paper handling components. When you combine the shorter life-cycle and increased maintenance costs, and loss of quality, it is much cheaper to stay with the new cartridges. Another disadvantage we found is that images printed with a remanufactured cartridge did not fuse to the paper ... when the letter was folded, mailed, and opened by the recipient, the characters, or images, were missing accross the fold and left a dirty residue on the paper. Not very impressive for business communications.

If you don't want to take my word, do a simple pilot project with a remanufactured cartridge on an older printer that you don't really mind trashing. You will quickly see that for businesses, remanufactured cartridges are junk and not worth the total cost of operations or problems that they costs.

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