Remote Desktop Connection Printing via WiFi Printer

By thomasmorales ·
Hi, I have a situation where I have a wi-fi multifunction printer that I use to print on a local computer, but would also like to print while in a Remote Desktop Connection.

I have read the other posts in regards to setting up a non LPT type of printer by making some registry edits and redirecting ports, however since the printer is not physically attached to the computer, I'm having trouble getting the local wi-fi printer to show up on the RDC printers list.

I'm coming up short with solutions and looking for advice (short of trashing the printer, company was really hot on these printers for some reason).

Some additional details:
Printer: Lexmark X4550
Dell Computer, all USB, no traditional ports (i.e. parallel port, PS2, etc)

Thomas Morales

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by retro77 In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

Is the printer setup as a local printer or as a printer on a print server?

Either way, you should be able to connect to the printer on your PC. Then in RDP, expand the options, go to the Local Resources tab and check printers.

Then when you RDP, you have your printers with you.

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WiFi Printer

by thomasmorales In reply to Local?

The Lexmark WiFi printer is set up as a local printer, and prints OK locally. When I go RDC, the printer does not show up in the RDC printer list. I have in my RDC resources list printers checked off, and I even configured the printer as a USB printer to see if it would show up in the RDC, but no luck yet.

I have one more wrinkle to add, in order for us to connect remotely, we must VPN into the corporate network. Could this have an effect of local printers not showing up on the RDC?



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by retro77 In reply to WiFi Printer

Ok, you have a WiFi printer at home, that you can print to from your computer. You are remoting in from home over VPN to a server, and you want to print to your printer back home. As long as you have that box checked on teh RDP client, you should be good. WiFi or not, VPN or not, it should work. What version of RDP client do you have? What version of server are you remoting to?

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Clarification Answer

by thomasmorales In reply to Clarification

Retro, thank you for taking time to answer. The client version is current (Terminal Services 6.0), and the server is Server 2003, however I can't guarantee it is current with the latest updates (handled by a different person).

With all the items verified, the printer is not available while in a remote desktop session.


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Remote, mobile printing, etc.

by DocuMentor (Doc) In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

This blog post on TR's sister site, ZDNet, has some great info on the topic. Good luck to you. Doc. Go here btw:

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give this a whirl

by computechdan In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

i'm assuming the driver for your printer is installed on the machine you are remoting to.

on your system, share the printer as u would if you wanted others on your home net to print to it.

then map the shared printer to lpt1.

to do this open a cmd window and type this:

net use LPT1 \\computer\printer /PERSISTENT:YES

WHERE computer is your computer name and printer is the share name u gave the printer

this will workaround any problems with the port name of the printer, now when u RDP to the other system, jus set the shared printer as your default before connecting and u should be good to go. again assuming the other machine has the same driver that u are using.

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