Remote Desktop Connection to behind a router.

By Healer ·
How do we remote (RDC) to a computer in a peer-to-peer network behind a router and a firewall?

I am aware there are quite a few brands of free VPN software for non-commercial use. Those for commercial use is quite expensive for subscription and probably not that "private". I am wondering if we can use Windows Remote Desktop Connection or Remote Desktop Web Connection over the Internet in this scenario.

I suppose I need the WAN IP address. Then how do we get to a specific computer behind the router or even the firewall?

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Port Mapping

by power zhu In reply to Remote Desktop Connection ...

If the two computers connected with two different router, yes, the two computers should have WAN IP address, but the LAN computers have a same WAN IP. You may try to map port to the computer that you want to connect, 3389 to the LAN computer. The same operation on another LAN computer

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Open ports in firewall, static IP address

by pdr5407 In reply to Port Mapping

That is funny, I just finished reading an article about how to do this in the latest CPU magazine. It involves opening port 3389 and 80 in your firewall software. Next, you have to assign a static IP address to the computer that will be receiving the remote connection. You then need to know both internal (192.168.1, etc.) and external IP 64.58.21. etc. IP addresses of the remote client. Now type in http://external IP address:80.

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Why port 80?

by Healer In reply to Open ports in firewall, s ...

I wonder why you said I need to open the port 80 as well. Are you talking about Remote Desktop Web Connection? I have enquired about RDWC before, I was told it is only used to connect to Windows Server 2003 or 2008 and so forth. I can't see any documentation to support that yet. Perhaps you can tell me something I don't know.

I suppose I can reserve an IP address from the DHCP for the target computer concerned. Are you referring the WAN IP address as the external address?

How would you put the external IP address and the internal IP address together on the RDC logon window?

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One target computer at one time?

by Healer In reply to Port Mapping

I am testing it in my home office.

I set up Port Forwarding on the router as follows.
Name: RDC Start Port: 3389 End Port: 3389 Protocol: TCP Local IP Address 192.168.0.X.

The intended destination router has a fixed IP address though my test one doesn't I shall get the IP address at the time of testing. From what I have set up if it is correct, I can only remote to one computer on the destination network at one time. Am I right?

I suppose it means that on the Remote Desktop Connection window I should enter the destination WAN IP address on the Comuter field and "computername\username" of the target computer in the User name field. Am I correct?

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When we have more than one computers to be RDC'ed

by Healer In reply to Port Mapping

Do we also need to change the RDC port in the target computer registry or do we only need to do the mapping (port forwarding) inside the router?

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Yes, sorta

by tsbs In reply to When we have more than on ...

You are correct in that you can (and should) set the port a pc uses in the registry. MS default is 3389. What I do is set the port differenty for each pc that I need to access remotely (pc1-3389, pc2-3390, etc.). You should set each pcs ip statically and then set port forwarding in your router accordingly. Run mstsc and use your public ip with the particular port you want, for example for pc1, .224:3390 for pc2. It's supposed to be that easy.

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Which keys in the registry to change?

by Healer In reply to Yes, sorta

Are you saying I need to do both port-forwarding on the router firewall and manual change of the RDC port in the registry of every computer?

If that is the case, could you please tell me which key in the registry I should change? I searched for the RDC port 3389 in the registry and there were many.

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Here you go

by tsbs In reply to Which keys in the registr ...

It wouldn't hurt to back up your registry first, but it is only one entry you need to change.

On the Edit menu, click Modify, and then click Decimal. Type the new port number, and then click OK.

I've found this is by far the easiest way to accomplish this. You just need to know which computers are which.

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Still wouldn't work with other port number.

by Healer In reply to Here you go

I changed the port number in the registry and it still wouldn't work. It didn't even work using the local LAN IP address.

I changed it back to the default 3389 and it worked fine both locally and remotely. I wonder what else I could have missed.

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You have to specify the port when you put in the address.

by tsbs In reply to Still wouldn't work with ...

So, when you are local and you want to RDP to say pc2 ( You should just run rdp client and when it asks for pc name type in Of course, there is no reason to do this locally (except for testing some hairbrained idea from some anonymous idiot on the internet) since you have direct access to the subnet and just specify by ip/computer name. I just set up a new connection to test it and it worked fine so I'm very surprised this doesn't work for you. I would check the logs on both pcs to see what's going on.

Also, you have to create a new port forwarding rule for each pc in your router for remote access.

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