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Remote Desktop

By pentrex ·
I set SOHO in our building : Lyncsis router, a printer and four PCs. I established the Remote Desktop connection with one of computers located in the other end of our building. Everything was fine. But when I tried to connect the Remote Desktop to my computer in my office from that remote one, I failed to do that.

I checked all settings on both PCs Firewalls, settings in the router's Firewall, checked both accounts have permissions to operate the Remote Desktop, but no matter what I tried I still cannot get the Remote Desktop connection from that computer. It works only in one direction. I use dynamic IP addressing in the router and double checked the addresses on both PCs.

Anyone can explain what's going on?

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will check that

by pentrex In reply to Network Authentication

That exactly what I have - XP sp3 .net3.5 sp1, and .net3.0 sp2 installed on both computers.

I 'll check what you said.

What exactly do I need to remove? .net3.5 or sp3?

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Just the dotnet 3.5 version.

by seanferd In reply to will check that

No, don't roll back sp3.

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Backup and Try the Simple First

by rkuhn In reply to Remote Desktop

Can you ping #1 from #2?

Are you using the IP or computer name in RDC?

Can you do a nslookup successfully? Tracert?

Don't skip the may find something obvious like a misconfiguration at the router/switch level.

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Re: Backup and Try the Simple First

by pentrex In reply to Backup and Try the Simple ...

I use IP in RDC

Yes, I can ping from #1 to #2 and vice versa.

There is no problems with tracert either from both ends.

Nslookup gives the following output:

***Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
***Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
***Default servers are not available
Server: Unknown
Address: 192168.1.1
***Unknown can't find Non-existent domain

It's the same output from both ends except the last line where address of the second PC is

Is this looks like an error?

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by ganesan.kuppusamy In reply to Remote Desktop

Did u check the RDP port 3389, whether is opening or not. try doing
telnet remotemachinename 3389 --> from the command prompt.

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by pentrex In reply to RDP

I checked the 3389 port by using the Remote Assistance. Works fine from both ends.

Isn't this enough?

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Post your IP Configuration

by -nhone- In reply to Re: RDP

Say you have ip configured to static ex. mask gw for pc1 and mask gw for pc2

try access to rdp.. if you have different gateway make a routing point from default gw to destination

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