Remote LAN Access problem over VPN

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I have established a VPN connection between two sites both with Cisco routers. I have 2 networks ( and ) on my side and I want the remote users to be able to access them both. I have one FE interface on my router and I configured it with 2 IPs; one IP from each network. The remote LAN is
The tunnel is up but the remote LAN cannot access my LAN and vice-versa. what seems to be the problem here?
Someone please help me out.

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by aw_willis In reply to try it out, if it works t ...

Ok, suppose I use dhcp on my router to assign IPs to remote users after configuring IP helper address on the remote router. How will the host on the remote learn be assigned a second IP since they already have an IP belonging to the remote LAN?

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There's no learning involved by the remote client

by CG IT In reply to Remote LAN Access problem ...

it's how the frames are encapsulated with source and destination addressing.

DHCP simply provides remote clients with a local address including default gateway information which frames/packets are encapsulated with. The router then reads this [compares it to it's routing table] and knows how to route the packet. without this local network packet encapsulation, packets from remote clients still have the remote client address [which is the routable NAT address between public IP addresses] thus is unknown to the router [not in the routers routing table] and the router drops the packet.

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