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Remove "Spyware Detected" wallpaper

By dcci ·
I have a friend that picked up a virus (I'm sure) that installed a wallpaper saying 'Spyware Detected', along with some instructions/invitations to do something more maliciously inviting. System is now protected and cleaned, but the wallpaper is locked. Can anyone help with a removal/unlock tool, or direct me to the correct registry settings?


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by dcci In reply to

Nifty site and nifty tools. Trying to unlock the desktop wallpaper, not files. Thanks for the information.

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by wil In reply to Remove "Spyware Detected" ...

Well, if the computer is remote and the end user cannot do any work on it that is adviced to do, what other options do you have?

Is the computer connected to the internet? If so, just install RealVNC or any other remote software, connect to his machine, and do all the work yourself. Otherwise, I don't see how you're going to solve the problem if everything that is adviced you give the answer that the computer is remote and that the end user doesn't know what he's doing.

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by electricdragon In reply to Remove "Spyware Detected" ...

Um, you said you're,
"Trying to delete a wallpaper not files."
ALL wallpapers ARE files.

They are bitmaps in the (normally) windows folder.
All the registry does is point to the location of the bitmap.(and possibly lock it.)
I successfully used the tool I linked you to, to delete a running wallpaper on my own machine, and it's very easy to use.
If the system is clean like you say, all you have is a locked file, have him kill it with the tool and reset a new wallpaper.
You asked for an unlocker.
Why ask for tools if you won't even attempt to use them? d/l it, run it and tell your friend what he needs to do, if he/she can't right-click a mouse they don't need your remote help, they need a shop and a tech.
I understand you are trying to help an un-savvy friend, but you're not likely to find a 1-click "Magic Bullet".


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by rodel_gurapo In reply to Remove "Spyware Detected" ...

hi there,

desktop wallpaper is a file, try to figure out in desktop properties of what file it is. then delete it in registry. to go to registry, click start then run, type regedit. registry editor will display. click edit, select find and type the file of spyware dectected wallpaper. then delete it. if you're done, your turned white, then you can put now your original desktop wallpaper. try it hope it will help.

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by pawan_verma1985 In reply to Remove "Spyware Detected" ...

Hi ,

I have also faced the same problem.But i did something different i just reinstall the SP2 and Restore the XP day befor my PC infected. Its working Fine.

There is another way to Resolve it ...
Using Regedit..

HKCU-> Control panel ->Desktop select it ,on your right side you can see the ConvertedWallpaper Dword Value you can change it from there.
Here is another value OriginalWallPaper,and Wallpaper..change the value from here..

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