Removing an Exchange 6.0 Server from environment running ADC

By morano2020 ·

Our organization has 2 Exchange servers running Windows 2000 and Exchange 6.0 with all the service packs. Server 1 needs to be decommissioned, but it is running the ADC connector service. We have found that when Server 1 is powered off, we experience issues with Server 2. Server 2 does NOT have the ADC connector service running, but contains all of the mailboxes and public folders. Basically, Server 1 is just sitting there powered on because it needs to be (assuming because of the ADC connector service).

My question is, what is the proper method to decommission Server 1? Do I need to install the ADC connector on Server 2, then remove it from Server 1? Is the ADC necessary at all?

I have looked at many articles online, but most address the migration of 5.5 to 2003 environments. We are already off of 5.5.

Thank you in advance.

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by jswentworth In reply to Removing an Exchange 6.0 ...

Just to be sure, the Exchange server that has the ADC service is NOT acting as a domain controller in any fashion, correct?
Could you describe the kind of trouble you have when you shut down that server? It will help me determine what the issue is and whether just moving the ADC service will solve it or not.

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More Info

by morano2020 In reply to Clarification

Thank you for the reply.

The Exchange server (server 1) is indeed a Windows 2000 domain controller.

When server 1 crashed, we couldn't view some of the Exchange tabs under AD (they are unavailable). Therefore, we had difficulty creating new users with e-mail accounts. It took about 2 weeks to exhibit this behavior after we found out server 1 was down. That's when we realized that server 1 played an important role and hence the discovery of the ADC service running only on server 1 (even though server 1 does not house any of the Exchange data anymore).

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decommission exchange server

by Churdoo In reply to Removing an Exchange 6.0 ...

If you are no longer using an NT domain, then the ADC is simply leftover from your completed migration from NT and is no longer necessary; it is likely NOT causing your problems.

Most likely, it is this process that you need to perform to properly decommission your server1 exchange server:

as JSW stated, if Server1 is also a (working) DC, that's a separate issue -- you need to make sure that at least 1 of the remaining DC's holds a copy of the Global Catalog (GC), that DNS is configured properly on the remaining DC's and clients will point to a working AD DNS resolver, and DCPROMO Server1 from the AD properly.

As for missing Exchange tabs in ADUC? That's restored simply by installing the Exchange Administration Tools from the Exchange install CD onto your DC's and/or onto workstations that have the AD administration pack installed.

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Followed your suggestions

by morano2020 In reply to decommission exchange ser ...

I have followed the link you provided and insured everything else is set. There are other GCs in the environment and everything is rehomed to the proper server. There are also no connectors running on the ADC service from server 1.

Should I now demote server 1 first, then remove Exchange and ADC, or vice versa?

Thanks again.

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Demote DC last

by Churdoo In reply to Followed your suggestions

So you say you've followed the process and you're at the point where you should be able to remove the exchange server SERVER1 from your organization? If this is true, then at this point, you should be able to STOP all Exchange services on SERVER1 and run for a couple of days with no exchange issues.

So STOP all Exchange services on SERVER1 and run for a couple of days. If all continues to be well with your Exchange, then remove SERVER1 from your Exchange Organization.

Now with Exchange properly decommissioned and happy, you can properly demote SERVER1 down from a DC with DCPROMO.

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Thank you

by morano2020 In reply to Demote DC last

I appreciate your responses. You've both been very helpful.

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