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removing parts of mandrake 9.1

By isyer ·
I need to remove the games (all) in mandrake 9.1 also anything having to do with the internet. Is this possible,if so how can I do it?

Larry (isyer)

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by Jaqui In reply to What Do Want it For?

original poster did explain in private communication.

it's a teaching tool, in a situation where internet access is strictly prohibited. ( security )

I personally would recommend using newer version, but the idea is sound, with Mandrake at least, concidering the restrictions that are not alterable

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Thanks for your replay on 1/27/05

by isyer In reply to usage

I have another question(s)?
When installing Mandrake 9.1, the error I get is..Install exited abnormaly:-(--received signal 11 (then linux shutdown)
next....Code: Bad EIP value
next....<0> kernal panic: Attemped to kill init 0
This installing linux on some OLD machines(P200's) is getting to be a pain with all the errors.
Thanks for all your HELP!.......Larry 8-}

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Removing games from Mandrake 9.1

by agrange In reply to removing parts of mandrak ...

Just go to Mandrake RPM manager, remove.
You can sort list by type: graphic, programing tools, games, intrenet.
Select all programs you want to remove with game list. Dot he same with internetprograms:do not remove navigator used to accede files.if things are going wrong, you can set up RPM with Mandrake RPM manager add.

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