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repartition server 2003 drive?

By PC&Web ·
I have a client who has a Windows 2003 server. They had set it up with a small C: drive and the bigger drive for data. Now we are fighting windows for control of the last 100 MB. It won't do windows updates.

Will any of the repartitioning tools handle this? I have PartitionMagic 8.0 before Symantec bought it and it does not say it works with Server OS.

Thanks for the help...

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by ICB's corner In reply to repartition server 2003 d ...

Partion Magic can't be used with windows 2003. Try Acronis Partition Expert (works to me) or somthing which can be use it for servers.
If he has RAID, the problem can be more complex.

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Repartition Server with Partition Magic Server - Detailed Tutorial

by Stevengod In reply to

Just as ICB'S corner indicates Partition Magic doesn't support Windows Server and RAID any more after it is powered by powerquest.

Luckily, there is some other kind of Partition Magic Alternative which works find in repartitioning Windows Server, including RAID and Dynamic disks.

To repartition server, there is a detailed guide

To repartition RAID, you may follw

Dynamic disk is some what more complicated which requires a backup of the dynamic disk for its low safety. Here we go

Hope this is helpful:)

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by sol_667 In reply to Repartition Server with P ...

I booted off of a ubuntu 10.04 desktop disk and used gparted to repartition windows 2003 Disk.

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Successfully repartitioned server 2003 with magic server

by longtail In reply to

There are many <a href="">server partition software</a> in the market that can help you repartition server, for example, acronis disk director, partition magic server, partition assistant, etc.
No matter which tool you choose, you'd better backup the system and files before any operations to the server.
The most excited feature of partition magic server is that you can extend the system partition without rebooting if it is NTFS, see more details

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Great post, thanks!

by smartsupper In reply to Successfully repartitione ...

yeah, I have to see this post is great, I followed the steps on the link page and easily extend my server partition.
The "snapshot feature" is amazying, even without reboot to extend the partition, great...

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Really works, thanks

by Techrepublicer In reply to Successfully repartitione ...

Hi longtail, how did you find this article, amazing, I cannot believe how fast it works to repartition my server with raid config.

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by curlergirl In reply to repartition server 2003 d ...

If your disks are Basic, then you should be OK with any of the repartitioning tools that are designed to work with 2003 servers. PartitionMagic is not a server tool, but Volume Manager (which was also a Powerquest product) does work with servers, AFAIR. I'm not sure if it's 2003-compatible, though. In any case, if the disk has been upgraded to a dynamic disk, then none of the repartitioning tools that I've ever seen will work. You would have to completely wipe the disk, repartition, reinstall and then restore everything.

Hope this helps!

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It can be solved even if the disk is dynamic

by cannot-bear In reply to

If you want to resize server partition on basic disk, it is much easier, see

For dynamic disk, you can convert it to basic without reinstalling or formatting, see

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by ICB's corner In reply to repartition server 2003 d ...

In case of dinamic disk you can add a disk to increase the volume. Help from diskmgmt.msc:
"You can increase the size of an existing simple volume by extending the volume onto unallocated space on the same disk or a different disk."

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by wcp In reply to repartition server 2003 d ...

You can use Norton Ghost 2003 (using a Norton Boot Disk) to ghost the HD to a larger HD.
In the process you can make each partition of the larger HD the size you want.

The old HD should be stored away for backup. The ghost can be used again to resize the old HD.

You may have to run Fdisk/mbr from Windows 98 startup disk if the larger HD does not boot.

If you need more info or help, please add a comment.

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