Replacing a Hard Drive enclosure

By B1gC72 ·
i have an external hard drive that is starting to act up. it only works if it's sitting a certain way when hooked up to my computer. i have alot of important stuff on there like music, videos, and games and i actually think it's the cheap enclosure that's one the fritz and not the drive itself. so my question is, can i just buy another enclosure and stick the old hard drive in there with no problems? or is it going to be more complicated than i presume? thanks for you help in advance.

oh im running Windows XP Home if that helps.

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Re These are shaped so they can't be inserted the wrong way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Try This first

Want to place a Bet on that statement?

I used to say the same thing till one day I found a SATA Drive with both Connectors on the wrong way. Not too sure what was used to insert the plugs but it generated a lot of pressure on the Data lead the Power Lead was one of the older Molix type which was filed down to shape because it didn't fit into the socket. I just asked why they hadn't thought of turning it over and the reply was it came out that way on the old drive so it had to go back in the same way.

Go figure that logic behind that statement I'm still at a loss.


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HA HA, I've seen some good ones over the years. :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Re [i]These are shaped so ...

The only reason that I mentioned to try this is the fact it works in a certain position. Sounds like a loose connection. :)

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