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By kharig ·
Has anyone worked for ? They always have ads listed in a place I want to live, just curious if its worked out for anyone else?


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Oh Please David!

by smithhatesrescuecom In reply to Please contact me, Your s ...

David Milman is a farce. He is not there to help; he is an even bigger fool than that other ****** named Josh. They are ripoffs and pretty much want to control their "employees"
Their dispatchers are even bigger morons too.

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WOW - for an unsolicited opinion

by dmbook2006 In reply to

although I was only made aware of this "company" from a discussion on DICE forums ... and having NO personal experience with any poster on any of these threads / I will state one curious thing I have noticed - all ex-employees that voice your experiences with this place/employer/company have then suddenly become felones or have a multitude of felonie convictions?? That seems the over-worked response this fella David A. Milman
has for everyone.

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Stay Away from Rescuecom

by cthomas33 In reply to

As consultant in New York City I had the worst expeirence with them, they wanted me to lie to clients, their parts where over priced, I was never paid for my work yes they ripped me I never got paid, STAY AWAY FROM RESCUECOM!!!

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by laymanjohn In reply to

It appears from all the negative postings this company has one main focus. That is to seek out as many Computer Technicans as they can, reel them in and slowly eliminate the competition. Then they can solicit all the business's and clients from us.

I glad I found this blog before comitting to their contract.

Thanks again.

Have a good day and good luck to all of you and your future endeavors.

Thanks again

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Anyone who is NOT disgruntled want to chime in?

by steve In reply to

Ok, we have heard from the disgruntled bunch. Is there anyone out there with a positive experience with Rescuecom?

Please give details of what you like and dislike.

Thank you,


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I worked for Rescuecom in Houston,Tx and made good money

by mark.suter In reply to

I worked for them for about 8 months. Paid me 35.00 per hour @ around 6 hr. a day. If you know your business you can make money anywhere. There are many in break fix field, that claim they know what their doing, but few do. I would work for them again.
MD. Suter

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by boston_nights In reply to I worked for Rescuecom in ...

Why did you stop working for them?

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why did you leave?

by Ed.Pilling In reply to I worked for Rescuecom in ...

Their ad says you can make from 12 to 65 a hour. After filling out the app they offered me 12 a hour on a 1099, car milage not paid for. Plus I would have to have a phone plan with unlimited text and data. What is the quality of people that will work for 12 a hour?I was a field engineer for years and the most calls you can do in a day is around 4 or 5 billible hours a day. If you total up drive time (which is not billable) and work hours, you would be making closer to min wage. Thanks but no thanks, I can make more delivering pizza.

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rescuecom sux

by smithhatesrescuecom In reply to

I know someone who used to work for this crappy company
These people don't know what theyre doing
Their own clients hate them

They hire inexperienced consultants and the ones that do know their stuff, they take advantage of. They give you calls outside your service area. They tell you to make your own schedule and want you to take "emergency" calls at 9pm
I would not recommend anyone ever work there or use their service as they are ripoffs

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Don't trust Rescuecom at all

by new_babak_ahm In reply to rescuecom sux

I worked for them for 18 month and covered in huge area (some part of MD, DC, VA)the management is sux at all, they don't care you are experienced tech or not, they hire 100% of applicant, junior, kid's, high school, if you know how to turn ON the PC, that's enough, by the way the didn't pay my last check $430 and I opened the case on Small Claim Court on Syracuse, just waiting for court.
This company also leased the Geek Squad 800 number and took most the Best Buy customers,when customer call 1-800-geek, they picked up the phone and if customer ask them for geek squad, they will say Yes, and obtain their information, I'm wondering why geek squad not sued them.

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