Reset Bios Password

By Pitroadrush ·
Hello, I just bought Dell desktop optiplex 330 from my previous work, 3 weeks old pc. But, the bios is password protected and I did not received the password.
Is there a way I can delete/reset this password and give me full access to the PC.
Dell Desktop Optiplex 330.

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My Mombo...

by ---TK--- In reply to Really?

doesn't have any Jumpers at all... Its really new but regardless... None what so ever... LOL... to reset the BIOS, you push a button.. 132-YW-E180-A1 is the model from EVGA...

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bios reset...

by Pitroadrush In reply to Oh come on

Something do not make sense... agree Larry... So I guess I have to be a company to request any information...

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Not really

by Bizzo In reply to bios reset...

The upshot of this is that we get a lot of people asking how to bypass passwords, and as we don't know whether the machine is stolen or geniune, we cannot really give the solution.

If the machine has genuinely been bought from your previous company, then the best thing to do is to contact them and either ask them for the password, or take it to them and ask them to remove it.

If you cannot contact that company again, for whatever reason, you will need to contact Dell, be able to prove proof of ownership, and they should help you.

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Then let the poster buy an A+ book.

by jdclyde In reply to Oh come on

If the posters story is true, then why would he not go back to his previous employer and have them unlock the bios?

The only reason they would not, is if he did not legally purchase that system as claimed.

Still want to spoon feed him the answer, knowing he is a thief?

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by shasca In reply to Then let the poster buy a ...
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No I don't

by LarryD4 In reply to Then let the poster buy a ...

Define spoon fed?

My point is if I provided a link to the manual or explained where this all was on MB sure I would agree with the argument, that I was spoon feeding.

But if you are assuming that this person doesn't know much, since he has to post the question to begin with.

Then by simply stating the obvious which is all PC's have a bios reset switch on the MB, is it really going to help them get any farther?

And more over shouldn't it be the job of the moderators to post these warnings and remove these types of posts?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to No I don't

Did you not smell it from the post, 3 week old PC he got from work, so they sold him a 3 week old pc and put a BIOS password on it for what reason?

Maybe it in't his and if it is you should have told him to go back to the company.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Fish

Ok so the post is Fishy, but let me play devil's advocate.

I'm simply a clerk with simple computer skills who is either been working for the company or has just started but either way they down size and/or farm out a division or department. To bring money back in to the company they decide to sell the 100 or so PC's they bought in the last year to staff and friends of staff. But IT who was downsized or as usual is under staffed does not have the time to format and re-install the OS. But since all the data was stored on their servers we can just sell the PC's.

Which they do and the person who purchased it wants to get in to their BIOS and not wait 3 to 6 months to get a response from IT.

More over IT doesn't want to give out the set BIOS password because its the same password for the rest of the PC's still being used in the company.

And this guys asks IT dept. or a friend how to reset the BIOS password and they tell them to post here.

My point is reseting a BIOS chip whether its a battery or the jumper is common knowledge. And by my statement, check your manual, doesn't automatically make me on board with hacking and scamming for accounts.

In fact if this person obtained the PC legally or illegally if anyone is at fault it's the company that the PC came from.

Because either they security is so lax that anyone can walk out the door with a PC under their arms or they failed to prep the PC before they sold it.

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by Pitroadrush In reply to Fish

Great, pretty much is people buy computer from stores or clone your own. Do not buy second hand computer or accept computer from someone because people think you stole that crap at end of the day who might care a crook or not, online posting where nobody knows how is. Reset previous password to put your own hardware. No matter it is legit or not post from me or others will think the same thing. Hardware question.

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A year old computer

by The Scummy One In reply to Fish

and a 3 week old computer aer not the same. But, the fact is, the company put a BIOS PW on it, why cant they remove it if they 'sold' it to him/her?
How many companies will buy a new computer only to sell it off a few weeks later due to downsizing? They would rid themselves of the older items first.

The point is, we do not offer this kind of help. It IS a security feature, no matter how readily available the information is from a Google search. As Security is being asked to be bypassed, we SHOULD NOT lead a person to anyplace other than the manufacturer. I dont even care if it IS IN the owners manual.

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