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By Pitroadrush ·
Hello, I just bought Dell desktop optiplex 330 from my previous work, 3 weeks old pc. But, the bios is password protected and I did not received the password.
Is there a way I can delete/reset this password and give me full access to the PC.
Dell Desktop Optiplex 330.

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by shasca In reply to I understand your point

"BREATH SCUMMY BREATH"!!! your are starting to hypervetilate. Not worth your time and effort.

Hello wall

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by The Scummy One In reply to I understand your point

yes, I am too calm, maybe there is not enough airflow here for me to get upset.
Hmmm -- more thoughts to ponder.

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Silver Mullet reveals something about his character

by jimmy-jam In reply to I understand your point

or lack there of.

"I don't like hypotheticals situations,,, especially with a dilettante, tyro, or any novice. You seem to want to set the parameters for every post on this thread."

A direct attack is hardly the way to get your point across.

"Your cookie cutter ideas are not relative with the hunderds of clients I have seen, and helped over the past 25 years."

and here he reveals his own insecurities.

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Even TR senior editors do not believe it is a good idea

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Character flaw

by jdclyde In reply to I understand your point

To knowingly help someone break the password on a system that is not theirs is knowingly helping a thief.

Can you say "accessory to a crime"?

If he legally purchased that system, he would be able to approach the people that sold it to him to unlock the hardware.

According to his story, he knows who it was that sold him the system, and is unreasonable to think they would not unlock it for him.

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We are a community

by The Scummy One In reply to No I don't

and as such are partially responsible for the ethics of said community. So it should not rest solely on the over-worked moderator of many different sites to filter through these 24/7.

Besides, why do you think many manufacturers are working hard at ways to block these? Stolen equipment, that is why!
Look around, HDD manufacturers are making HDD's physically destroy the disks if they detect being tampered with. Motherboard manufacturers are setting multiple layer PW for differing things, and including TPM chips. For Notebooks, these are more common, because they are most likely to be stolen, and they add that you must call for a specific code to enter at a specific time to override the protections.
Why do you think the protections are EVEN THERE in the first place? Are you a friggin MORON to understand this? What good is having the protection, and using it, if it is useless?

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Re: Reset BIOS

by tardcart In reply to Reset Bios Password

Oops... didn't read the post above. Sorry.

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If you bought it legally

by jdclyde In reply to Reset Bios Password

go back to your previous work and ask them to unlock the bios for you.

A reasonable request, if your little story is true.

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Not necessarily...

by WTRTHS In reply to If you bought it legally

Many companies sell their old computers that are otherwise laying around waiting for disposal to employees for minimal fees. They usually remove all OS and company licenses, and users are encouraged to find their own OS, drivers, etc.

So his story is plausible to me, seen it happen. IT usually may not assist the users, because it's not an "official" sale.

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that would be like selling a car without keys

by jdclyde In reply to Not necessarily...

it is one thing to not have an OS loaded, it is quite another to sell a locked product that is unusable.

It is unreasonable to assume anyone legally selling a computer would not unlock the bios at time of sale, or afterwards if they honestly forgot.

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We sell

by ganyssa In reply to that would be like sellin ...

our out-of-warranty PCs when we do mass replacements. As we have many more employees than PCs, we have a raffle for the opportunity to buy a PC, usually in the $25 to $50 range. We also have a BIOS password on all PCs that are deployed.

The password is removed before sale, obviously. We've also forgotten on occasion. All you have to do is return it, and we'll remove it. Cheerfully, even, because our boss will not allow it any other way. It is, after all, our mistake.

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