Reset Bios Password

By Pitroadrush ·
Hello, I just bought Dell desktop optiplex 330 from my previous work, 3 weeks old pc. But, the bios is password protected and I did not received the password.
Is there a way I can delete/reset this password and give me full access to the PC.
Dell Desktop Optiplex 330.

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It is a safe bet

by jdclyde In reply to Laugh
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My final word and opinion.

by LarryD4 In reply to Reset Bios Password

If you want to delve deeper in to this issue, I think the members here are divided in to two areas, paranoid security people and everyone else. Sorry if that seemed harsh but it's the impression I'm getting.

Let's ignore the original post and I will agree its "Fishy" to say the least.

My perception of IT is thus, IT is a service oriented profession. No matter how much the "business" relies on the IT infrastructure we are simply here to provide information quickly and as clearly as possible. Even if you were to say "But I'm a developer and I make products to sell" or "I'm in security and I only secure the access", your still a service.

With a majority of world wide businesses using the youngest commercial operating system on the market, security has always been at the forefront of any IT division or company's priority.

This "security" issue is also what most professionals use as a "boon" to their ability. Most IT Managers could say "We successfully provided service to our company for over 20 years". But would much rather say, "For 20 years we ran and protected the company's information without one security breach, stolen piece of hardware, or stolen information". Which is a great accomplishment but in an era when hacking, freaking(I know its on old 80's telecom term), and reverse engineering is a required course in some form in college, it will always be an inevitable struggle.

This security paranoia is the real reason I have gotten my head chopped of for such a simple response. This simple, sophomoric, question has created an air of ?"how dare you" that is blatantly obvious. It's this "how dare you" attitude that creates a sense of standoffish, aloofness that personifies IT. I hate to go back 10 years but the ridiculous Saturday Night Live skit "Computer Guy" is a classic example; .

Anyone with minimal aptitude can figure out how to open and steal a HD, RAM, a DVD, even a power supply. Especially now when big brand PC's are made to open up with a push of a button.

Participating in an online "public" forum is a risk and yes you may be helping someone who may have less then honorable intentions, but that's the risk you take. This is not a company where I am threatened with a firing or reprimand for saying the wrong thing. TR could close my account; they could go so far as banning my IP from the forum also. But we all know how easily that is circumvented. But this apparent "agreed" upon statement, makes the assumption that the entire 1.6 million or so members have all agreed to it, is ridiculous. No one speaks for me or anyone else on this public forum. Now if TR was closed and you could not see the actual posts except with an account, that would be a different story.

When I joined TR I was thrilled to find an open public place to get answers, talk with like minded IT people, and even help others if I could. Sadly I do not have the time to sit and answer questions all day or all night; though I think it would be a lot of fun. My job, my consulting work, my family life, and my computer gaming habit keeps me from doing that. I am not looking to single out any one person or create a rift, but this is a public forum and should be treated as such. I understand that this "statement" was adopted way before I was here and overall I agree with it. But take step back and look at the big picture and see what that post would look to a budding computer tech who is just trying things out.

Doesn't it make more sense to just ignore the post, if you the member, thinks that the person has evil intentions, rather then putting up a sign with sirens and flashing lights?

I mean it usually happens that way doesn't it? I have seen so many posts that say, "I forgot my Admin password and I need to recover it can you tell me how"? These just fall away never to be seen from or sometimes get one of those off handed remarks from a member.

And no I don't want to create more work for the TR team, they do a good job and I enjoy the broadcasts, blogs, DLs, and general fun they add to this great site. But as someone said in a reply to me up the thread, this is a community, and just because there are people who don't agree with something doesn't mean that they are enemy number one.

That includes members who have been a part of the community a week or 15 years, doesn't it?

Ok so now I'm gonna finish out my day and try to max out my 75 Mage on WOW tonight! The wife and kid are going to the in-laws, so its just me, a Guinness, and Outland!

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Word and TR

by LarryD4 In reply to My final word and opinion ...

Every time I cut and past from Word to TR the quotes and what not turn to question marks. I'll use notepad next time, but I so need the spell checker.

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Put on a spell checker...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Word and TR

There's one for IE and FF both. It checks spelling in text boxes like the ones we type in to reply.

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Well then,

by The Scummy One In reply to My final word and opinion ...

you have made up your mind. So go with it. But do not be surprised if your posts are pulled like the 3 this morning.

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Ah well

by LarryD4 In reply to Well then,

Thus is life.

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