Reset router and now I can't connect! Help!!!

By Cawaii ·
I was recently having Internet problems so I reset the router (D-Link, DIR 655) and setup a new wireless network and now no computer or any wireless device can connect. I know it's not just the internet because I'm connected directly to my Hughes Modem right now and I have internet. We have two computers here; this one when connected to D-link will say it has internet access but the internet doesn't load. It

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by mfa In reply to What is your ipconfig whe ...

That ipconfig looks promising. The PC IP address information is reasonable, and the DNS server addresses look as though they were provided by the ISP and passed thru the modem properly via your DHCP request. Based on that, I see no reason why you shouldn't have Internet connectivity. Can you PING the DNS servers?

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by AruJammer In reply to What is your ipconfig whe ...

It seems that your Modem also acts as a router, you should have internet when connecting directly to your modem with your PC. If that;s the case than it's easier to use your D-Link as a switch and AP.

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by mfa In reply to What is your ipconfig whe ...

I just scanned through the HN9000 manual, and it's interesting. HughesNet apparently can assign private addresses from its pool, so the suggestion that you just use the router's switchports only might work. All DHCP requests will get passed to the modem, which will assign IP addressing as required. I would be more inclined to change the router's pool to something other than to avoid conflict with the modem -- use something like -- and use the router as a router. The more I think about it, it sounds like this duplication of address spaces may have been the problem all along.

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no connect after reset

by mainboard777 In reply to Reset router and now I ca ...

unplug modem to reset it. wait a minute then plug in. do same for router after modem lights quit flashing. If they are same unit then hit reset switch according to manufactures procedure.
then power off cpu and restart after router is finished resetting (lights quit dancing )
Once restarted restart your wireless hookup procedure without password, unless your router is by default no wireless is turned on. if so go into router and turn on wireless then rerun hookup wireless.

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Maybe get a new router...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Reset router and now I ca ...

Maybe get a new router and see if you still have problems.

BestBuy and Fry's Electronic are very good at accepting returns within 2-4 weeks of purchase. Just be sure to keep all the packaging, softwre, manuals, etc. It also helps if they're not torn and in "like new" condition - makes the return process easier and faster :)

Late last year our 3+ year old Wireless router started to act up. We were intermittently losing Internet access. At the time we weren't sure if it was the router or the cable modem.

I targeted the router mainly because of the number of years in service it has been. And it seemed like the perfect excuse to finally get an "N" Wireless router :)

Anyway, if after getting a new router and the problem is still present then you can start to look at your actual cable modem and ISP.

I know you said that connecting directly to the modem works fine but I've found that soemtimes rebooting the router (power cycling it) will clear up problems.

HTH and good luck!

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by Cawaii In reply to Maybe get a new router...

I've power cycled everything numerous times, tried resetting again, restarting computers, doesn't make a difference~ =P I'm thinking I just somehow magically messed up the router and will need to buy a new one... with all the hassle this is turning out to be I'd rather just buy and install a brand new one, prob take less time than this is taking! lol over a week now with no wireless internet.... ugh... and I can't call D-Link becuz they'll charge me! XD

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by Rob Kuhn In reply to Maybe get a new router...

I think power cycling at this point is moot. :)

One last thing you can do is to try and reload the firmware. Even if the firmware is current sometimes reflashing it will fix odd problems.

I've done that on some of my switches before. I've even uploaded an older firmware (like one version back). On some equipment you can't install a previous firmware version so it might not be possible.

If getting a new router works there still might be some hope for your old one. Maybe convert it into a repeater? Or just use the switch portion of it.

BTW, just to confirm your setup, you don't have anything sitting between the router and your cable modem, correct? In other words you don't have a switch in bertween the two?

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by mackman2011 In reply to Reset router and now I ca ...

If your IP address is static your ISP should give you the info you need (IP, gateway, and subnet). Satellite addresses are by and large static. Your router's MAC address should be on the router, on the label with the serial #, etc. This is your WAN MAC address. Your WLAN and LAN MAC addresses should be the same as each other and similar to the WAN address, the last pair will be a unit apart from the WAN, i.e. B4:7D to B4:7C. Your assigned WAN IP address from your ISP will be entirely different from your LAN and WLAN IP addresses. The IP addresses assigned to your devices connected to the router are dynamic. My home router's LAN IP address ends with .1 but the devices begin at .101 and change with re connection.
With your PC hard wired and connected you can get the ISP's numbers from your network connections. It's not unheard of for someone to just re enter the same numbers and click update or save and everything works. Go figure.

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Consumer level router

by CG IT In reply to Reset router and now I ca ...

and obviously the person who is having troubles did all the things one would do to fix the problem. After that, since the price of the router is $70.00 USD+ the amount of time spent on fixing it, costs more than simply tossing it and getting another.

That's my advice on how to fix it. Take a hammer, smash it, then go buy another. One will feel better after smashing to router to pieces and then getting a new one that works.

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by balajistarrer In reply to Reset router and now I ca ...

It looks like the dns address is same as default gateway.. Try to change the dns address to the following:
comodo dns :
primary dns :
secondary dns :
Nortan dns :
Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS:
or even google dns..
Hope this would change your problem..

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