Resizing a Windows Server 2003 partition

By hejohnson3 ·
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Hard Drive Setup:

74.50 GB (System = 9.93 Domain Controller/Data Drive = 64.54 it has the Windows Directory which contains the SysVol Directory and NTDS)

372.61 GB (Student Data Drive)

Will it be possible to use some extra space of the Data Drive and add it to the end of the system partition without damaging the system and data partition?


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Absolutely Possible...

by mccullough_andrew In reply to Resizing a Windows Server ...

You will be able to resize the system partion with tools that are either commercially available or opensource. Acronis 'Disk Partition Manager' is a good example of a commerical product (, however if you are familiar with Linux thier is another tool that comes as a 'Live CD' called "GParted". This will also resize partions without data loss. However make sure you have backups, because unfortunately nothing is perfect.

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Tried Gparted

by Thor19 In reply to Absolutely Possible...

It's a nice utility, but it would not let me increase the size of my boot partition, only decrease it. I have 80gigs unallocated and can't expand my boot drive. I was hoping this was the fix. i need to make that boot drive bigger without losing data.

Any ideas?

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try this

by chksi In reply to Tried Gparted

first decrease the size of the data partition in your case, then expand the boot partition to the decreased size of the first.

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Yes, this is correct!!!

by smartsupper In reply to try this

Yes, this is correct, I used a partitioning software to resize the data partition, get some unallocated space, and then extend the boot partition, very easy.
I cannot believe that I complete this even without reboot. Saved me a lot, hope it would help you, too, see

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Successful experience resizing partition Server 2003

by Techrepublicer In reply to try this

Yeah, this is right, but there is no detailed guide, after search, I found a tutorial to resize partition on 2003 Server. Very easy and fast.
Hope this guide is useful for others.

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Successfully resized the Server OS partition with partition magic server

by spotcat In reply to Absolutely Possible...

Luckly, I have solved this problem by partition magic server. I don't like to use Linux CD, as I cannot believe the compability.

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by Microgood In reply to Successfully resized the ...

Yeah, your post is helpful and I found this site after reading your reply.
I've got detailed info about partition magic server and how to use them, not bad.

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by rance4work In reply to Resizing a Windows Server ...

admire that you have a big harddisk, mine is only 250G, which can only hold several copies of movies.

EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition will help you to that, without data loss. you can have a try.

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Great partition manager sw

by pnoykalbo In reply to 372gb!!!!!!!!!

Definitely use this suggestion from rance4work... EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition (Magic Partition) will do the job.

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Reponse To Answer

by microtecher In reply to 372gb!!!!!!!!!

Download the trial but it didn't show the partitions, I don't know why. Finally, I used another tool, now I know how easy it is to resize partitions, shrink a data partition to release some free space at the end of c, and then you can extend. It cost about 10 minutes to complete resizing.

It is strange that it complete resizing without restarting, in my original opinion, it should reboot as the Window files are being used. After reading the guide again, it has hot resize to extend ntfs partition without reboot. Saved me much time.
for anyone who doesn't know how to resize server partition, see this guide that I've saved

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