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By Oz_Media ·
okay well I don't wait for New years to set myself straight with those nagging things we never get around to, so I started my resolutions today. No I didn't quit of these days..but I did start to exercise more.

When I went out for a smoke, I decided to go to the top floor (28th)and all the way back down , twice (while mindlessly chatting with a girl from Universal Records).

Then I remembered I had to press the button for MY floor and I went back up, but only half way up(and I was neither up nor down, badumdum)as I was getting tired at that point.

So, what are YOU gonna do for self improvement in 2006?

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on this note

by Jaqui In reply to 2006 is the year I let my ...

Definition of B|TCH:
Being In Total CHarge


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That's just plain funny

by DMambo In reply to on this note

I'd tell my wife that one if I thought I'd survive.

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There is a French woman

by jardinier In reply to 2006 is the year I let my ...

who works in an Op-Shop in my area.

She has a massive chip on her shoulder which I think is resentment at being a male trapped in what passes for a female body.

I am biding my time and waiting for the day when she annoys me so much that I will say:

"On which day of the year do you let your husband wear the trousers?"

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Oh my

by AV . In reply to 2006 is the year I let my ...

Frightened? Did you marry Bridezilla? You need to stand up for yourself for sure, but in a nice way. You need to talk to her about your feelings and listen to hers. You married her. She has to have some redeeming qualities.

Good luck. Marriage is hard sometimes because of a lack of meaningful communication.

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Yeah, right....

by jdclyde In reply to Oh my

Mambo is just pulling your leg.

He is happy with where he is, and is where he is happy.

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Hey, Shhhhhh...

by DMambo In reply to Yeah, right....

I'm busy building a rep, and here you are tearing it down.

BTW, despite all my admonitions to forego the gifts, my wife got me a bunch of scratch tickets (which I love despite the odds) and I won $50, and my kids got me the one thing I asked for - they learned the same song on their instruments, and played it for me. So all in all, it was one of the least miserable Christmas's I've had. Still waiting for the credit card bills, though.

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That was the problem

by jdclyde In reply to Hey, Shhhhhh...

credit cards.

I got through my merry christmas, without charging a single thing! I thought about it. I almost did it. But then I put things in perspective and said the boys had enough and I didn't need to go into debt over a new bike. (trick bikes now. Probably saved myself a lot on future medical bills too!)

Did you have the camcorder going for the song?

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Well you never know . . .

by AV . In reply to Yeah, right....

I was starting to feel sorry for him, too.

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Hey DMambo

by jck In reply to 2006 is the year I let my ...

I have the guest room ready with the digital cable and wireless high-speed internet ready...

even had a couple spare guitars you can practice on when they take that one from you in divorce court :^O

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jck, I'll never get divorced

by DMambo In reply to Hey DMambo

I am WAY too cheap to go thru something like that. Besides, I figure I'll just re-affirm that my wife is in charge. Technically, that is letting her know who's boss.

You sound a little down lately. Some of us are looking forward to the return of King Swill. Expect him back anytime soon?

Have fun on your trip to the Emerald Isle, man!

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