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By Oz_Media ·
okay well I don't wait for New years to set myself straight with those nagging things we never get around to, so I started my resolutions today. No I didn't quit of these days..but I did start to exercise more.

When I went out for a smoke, I decided to go to the top floor (28th)and all the way back down , twice (while mindlessly chatting with a girl from Universal Records).

Then I remembered I had to press the button for MY floor and I went back up, but only half way up(and I was neither up nor down, badumdum)as I was getting tired at that point.

So, what are YOU gonna do for self improvement in 2006?

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I'm still King Swill

by jck In reply to jck, I'll never get divor ...

Yeah...down lately...have personal reasons...sorry if you're offends or worries you. Got my reasons for being a sour puss and I'm gonnna be one from now on in life.

Seems like the pricks are getting everywhere you can't beat them, then beat them up. ]:)

I understand the cheap's why I'm not married...haven't met a woman yet that was single and not taken who I would marry or trusted enough to marry.

Came close though a few years ago...she was 6'1 too...we'd have made some good NBA players.

Too bad she decided to go back to the guy who ended up becoming a crackhead and leaving her with the debt for her engagement ring.

Man, I'm being rather blunt aren't I?

Oh well...tough $hit...the truth is the truth.

King Swill still exists...he's just bitter and arseholish King Swill of Angrydom now. :^O

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I resolve

by jardinier In reply to resolutions

to never again flame anyone in a TR discussion. ]:)

Just kidding.

What I actually resolve to do is to continue pounding the pavement of the Internet Matchmaking Highway.

I would like to wet my whistle at least once more before I die.

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You should make resolutions every year.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to resolutions

They give you something to give up for lent.

Dawg ]:)

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my resolution

by jck In reply to resolutions

to be an utter a$$hole this year.

Nice guys finish if I'm gonna suffer, I'm gonna do something to deserve it.

If Ireland doesn't make me happy...think I'm gonna go be a homeless bum in Costa Rica or El Salvador.

I hear that homemade booze down there rocks.

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Give up smoking and exercise more

by AV . In reply to resolutions

Those resolutions are always at the top of my list and I unfortunately fail every year. I can't seem to totally give up smoking. Sometimes its enjoyable (like after a meal), even if it stinks.

I have other resolutions though. One of them is to pursue creative activities like art and music more. I think computers and my commute have taken over my life too much. I always enjoyed painting oil paintings and playing piano, but I don't make the time anymore. I feel like I'm losing touch with that side of me.

A resolution I made last year that I'll make again this year is to be kind to everyone you meet. Stop the road rage. Take the time to be courteous. Sometimes you can get so stressed out in life that you act badly. I did well last year with this resolution, but I still have a ways to go.

Oh well, none of us are perfect. Have a happy, healthy New Year. Live long and prosper.

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Stop smoking

by Old Guy In reply to Give up smoking and exerc ...

After smoking for 20 years I quit cold turkey 22 years on January 13 at midnight. I had tried many times before but never could. I don't think anyone can quit until it's time and most of us kind of beat ourselves up when we fail--which we should not. It can be done but I think it has to be the right time.

You should definitely go back to making time for your oil painting and piano. Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our priorities. I did that a few years ago and my job went down to like number 7. It caused some problems for awhile but things have worked out for the better.

As far as the road rage: When those idiots are around you keep them in front of you so you can keep an eye on them so they don't do something stupid. It also helps in having a better aim :)

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I wish I was American!

by Oz_Media In reply to Stop smoking

There you have it, now everyone can save that title for future rebuttals against me.

Truth is, if I was American, I would not mind smoking. It's not my health that worries me, it's paying nearly $10 a pack (for 20's) that pi$$es me off!

(Except I hate American smokes, even the Canadian smokes sold in the US taste like shite.)

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And, after you get cancer

by DMambo In reply to I wish I was American!

you can sue the tobacco companies.

(Actually, it's too late to do that. You should have got cancer ten years ago to get the big bucks.)

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You can

by jck In reply to And, after you get cancer

still milk the system money for proverbially shooting yourself in the foot.

I can tell you what the next big thing will be...heed my advice and invest...

Hearing aid technology companies and prosthetic auditory technology.

With all the kids that go around with 1,000 watt amplifiers in their cars now, we'll have a generation of 50-something half-deaf people within 25-35 years.

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by Old Guy In reply to You can

What'd you say??? :)

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