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RF interference: Just how important are antennas

By Michael Kassner Contributor ·
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Ever wonder how it's possible for smart phone to have so many active radios jammed in a small form factor? Perchance if you have, please check out my latest post about that very subject:

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Once again another Good Article.

by dawgit In reply to RF interference: Just how ...

again - You just keep them comming, don't you? Well I, for one, am glad of it. While most of that is still above my head, I just don't have enough time, or the the reason, anymore, I still learn from your articles. It's good that's there's still some tech here in TR. I really do like to, and need to, keep info like this fresh in that gray stuff that fills my head cavity. I don't know of any other source for this kind of info, compact and readable, outside of AARL. (IEEE is good, but I did say readable.) Thanks. -d
You beat me to it. only by two min. but you got me. My fingers need a tune up. oh-well, another waste of a perfectly good plug ;-) : [ ] Again, good job, and a thanks for it. -d
pps: it looks like the TR site is out of wack again. X-(

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