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RIM patent: smartphone camera to capture thermal images

By Professor8 ·
So, what's patentable here?
Digital cameras already exist which handle visible frequencies and IR.
So-called smart-phones already exist.
There's no significant break-through here. None.

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Well, yes and no

by robo_dev In reply to RIM patent: smartphone ca ...

I am guessing this is a patent before the technology has been invented to lock up the technology....unless RIM has a very high tech R&amp lab and gobs of cash, I would doubt that they pioneered a low-cost thermal image sensor.

Today the cheapest thermal imager you can buy is around $1500 and a good Fluke or Extech could run as high as $4500.

Don't confuse heat with IR....some hot things may produce IR, but you cannot verify how well you insulated the wall of your home with an IR camera...you CAN do that with a thermal imager.

Having that in a cell-phone camera is cool, but not useful for all that many people. It might help maybe HVAC techs or insulation salesmen, but few others.

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