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Robots replaced by monkeys

By ITgirli ·
So a monkey walks in wearing a kevlar vest and says.....

who knows, but we may soon.

I just had to share this

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That is discrimination

by jdclyde In reply to The new buddy movie...

Animals need love too.

Just some more frequently than others.

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His site, His rules...

by Jessie In reply to That is discrimination
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Speaking of which

by jdclyde In reply to His site, His rules...

So how is the business coming along?

getting a steady stream of hits?

Good advertisers yet?

Is he ready to buy a jag yet?

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It's decent

by Jessie In reply to Speaking of which

It works out to paying about as well as a part time IT job... too bad he spends 16 hours a day on the dang thing!! But at least he's his own boss and doesn't have to deal with the corporate BS... the price of sanity I guess.

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by jck In reply to It's decent

It's why I got out of private sector and won't go back into until I find a work environment that is suitable to my tastes.

Otherwise, I'm staying in my government job, doing my work on time and well, and retiring with a nice pension.

I might not be rich when I'm old, but I won't be beat down either

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16 hours?

by jdclyde In reply to It's decent

Doing research with the door closed? (10 minutes at a time)

Are klenex a business expense?

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Glad this is going. Any business that pays for its self in the first year is a good business. Good luck.

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why does he need kleenex?

by jck In reply to It's decent

nuff said...nuff implied :)

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Needs kleenex because...

by Jessie In reply to It's decent

...because I don't spit OR swallow... I gargle... but then I laugh and it all comes out my nose.

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by jdclyde In reply to It's decent

After repeated use (16 hours worth) paper towels would prove to be too abrasive, even though they are the quicker picker upper.

Give me a Puffs plus with aloe anyday. (esp if it is a business expense!)

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I don't use tissues

by jck In reply to It's decent

waste of money.

grab a hand towel...that's what I washes.

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