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Robots replaced by monkeys

By ITgirli ·
So a monkey walks in wearing a kevlar vest and says.....

who knows, but we may soon.

I just had to share this

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Jess - Re: needs kleenex

by jdclyde In reply to It's decent
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jck - Re: not needing

by jdclyde In reply to It's decent

So let me get this straight. You take your spent love and run that through the same washer as the rest of your cloths? EEEEEWWWW!

That means you have spent love residue in ALL of your cloths. Just think the next time you get filling from your jelly roll on the sleave and then lick it off. You now know WHAT is on that and EVERY sleave! You are SURROUNDED by spent love all day long. eeeewwww again.

You could get someone pregnet by them sitting on your lap! No more filling in as Santa for you!

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by jck In reply to It's decent

a) I wash towels seperate from clothes, if you must know

b) If the most of my worries is how much micronic residue might be left over in the washer after washing my towels in hot water and detergent, then I consider myself lucky.

Anyways...hope that soothes your need to know about my hygenic habits.

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Just F'en with ya

by jdclyde In reply to It's decent

But you knew that didn't you?

You wash your towels in hot water? Cold is what keeps the colors bright! Oh yeah, need to get the spent love out. BLEACH! Break out the BLEACH!

Besides, I don't own that many towels so that option wouldn't work for me.

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yeah I know

by jck In reply to It's decent

like I said sleep last night...I'm on edge today...boss is blabbering in the office next to me and it's annoying the f*** outta me, cause he'll go on for 20 minutes about someone needing to take off built-up vacation.

Sorry if I seem on-edge...because I am...I'm praying for 4pm. I get to leave early for a retirement planner meeting.

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Does he throw barrels?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to They need them for milita ...

A video game with monkeys made me think of Donkey Kong, where the big gorilla threw barrels at Mario. Will the SWAT monkey throw barrels at the bad guy?

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YOu know what would REALLY suck?

by Oz_Media In reply to Robots replaced by monkey ...

Being the poor guy that was shortlisted, got his hopes up and then lost the job to the monkey! LOL

I can see it now, "sorry sir, we really liked you application and it was a tough decision but we've decided to go in another direction. We WILL however, keep our information on file should a more approriate position become available in the future."

Applicant: May I ask what you saw in the candidate you choose that I didn't have?

Employer: More hair, works for bananas, has bigger brain.

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by ITgirli In reply to YOu know what would REALL ...

Imagine being the guy who has to give the monkeys a physical. "Turn your head and stop playing with that banana."

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How would you

by maecuff In reply to YOu know what would REALL ...

explain that to your wife? "Did you get the job?"
"Nah, a monkey got it."
"A what?"
"A monkey."

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by Jessie In reply to How would you

The NEW monkey suit...

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