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Robots replaced by monkeys

By ITgirli ·
So a monkey walks in wearing a kevlar vest and says.....

who knows, but we may soon.

I just had to share this

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What a hoot!

by Oz_Media In reply to How would you

LOL! Still laughing at that thought...right on!

'But honey, they still hired me to carry a shovel and clean up after him all day. There's IS room for promotion once you get you're foot in the door.'

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Now, there is

by maecuff In reply to What a hoot!

something that I'd want on my resume. Monkey Poop Cleaner Upper. How would you dress that one up? Monkey fecal specialist? Excrement technician?

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Job title

by Jessie In reply to Now, there is

Zoological Waste Management

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sounds like

by jck In reply to YOu know what would REALL ...

some of the phone calls I've gotten after interviews.

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Text book

by Oz_Media In reply to sounds like

That's HR 101. A sure tip you are being lied to.

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Must be nice to work on a government project

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Robots replaced by monkey ...

I have to hand out free goes at the booty for a month for a $200 component, this clown gets a 100k for a monkey. What they going to do when it starts agitating for minority rights ?
I bet it could find a lawyer.
Still at least it won't be looking for a Rodney King, and will be very cheap to bribe.

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Nicotine addicted chimp

by JamesRL In reply to Robots replaced by monkey ...

I was listening to the radio the other day, and there was a story of a chimp at a zoo in South Africa.

Visitors found it funny to throw him a lit cigarette, and because he had observed it often enough, he learned how to smoke.

Now the vets at the zoo want to break the habit....Nicotine gum or the patch wouldnt be good choices....


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I bet

by jck In reply to Nicotine addicted chimp

they could get him off the nicotine by feeding him cocoa leaves to chew on :)

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That's just sad!

by Jessie In reply to Nicotine addicted chimp

I'm not a member of PETA... but throwing LIT cigarettes and cans of soda at a chimp is not entertaining, it's abusive!!! I wouldn't treat my dog like that, well... if I had a dog, I wouldn't.

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I've known people that...

by jck In reply to That's just sad!

would let their dog drink with them at a party.

A drunk dog is *not* funny.

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