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By tech_soul7 ·
I reset my router to the factory settings, now dhcp is off I can't access my router's configuration page again. How can I know which Ip address my router is using now? Is there any at all, becouse when I plug my cable I get ip address from apipa, not routers dhcp. When I try to set it manual than I can ping my computer but not router.
Any idea?

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That's a big part of it.

by Dedlbug In reply to I think you are correct

I intervied for Geek Squad several years ago for a part time holiday gig...trying to make a few extra bucks. Turns out I was WAY over qualified. I just wanted to work behind the bench or even sell on the floor. They asked me questions like "What is the Internet?" or "What is Windows XP? or "Do you know what a hard drive does?"

Turns out I didn't want to work there anyway after the interview. (I'd rather be poor.) But they were really concerned with "are you interested in computers and read up on current events in the industry?" They were not impressed with my technical background, but would have hired me if my glasses were taped up.

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The trouble with manuals - virtual or real ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Manual

... is that you have to navigate BEYOND THE COVER!

It's a ******* I know, but that's how books work. You have to open them and try the ancient art of reading. :^0

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The trouble with manuals - virtual or real ...

by tech_soul7 In reply to The trouble with manuals ...
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by Dedlbug In reply to Try this ...

I have never heard of LMGTFY. love it. =]

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