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Router problem

By redcell593 ·
I just replaced a cisco 1700 router with a Sonicwall TZ170 router. The problem that I am having is the Sonicwall router will not recognize the Wlan cable when it is attached. I don't know why. When the Cisco router is attached it the cable works fine, but when I unplug it and attach the Sonicwall the cable seems to not work. I don't know what is wrong, this is on a Frame Relay internet connection. Please any help would be great, Thank you


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by jdclyde In reply to Router problem

Is the line a static IP address or DCHP?
Are you using a straight through cable instead of a cross over cable?

Call your service provider to make sure that the line is up.

SonicWall support is EXCELLENT at helping to troubleshoot their products. It should have come with free support for at least 90 days even if you didn't purchase additional support (which you will want)

WAIT A MINUTE! What are you using for a CSU/DSU? Do you have an adtran box or something? The Cisco may have had this built into it, while the SonicWall will not! Call SonicWall on this.

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by artk In reply to Router problem

The TZ170 is NOT a router, it is a firewall. Put your Cisco back up and run the Eth0/0 that used to go to your LAN to the WAN port on the TZ170. You will need to know some IP addresses to get it all working, but it will.

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by mmc3110 In reply to Router problem

hope u r fine..First of all you have to check your connection of cable and if you have configured your router ...sometime some connection from cisco router to any other router may not work properly if cable is not connected you can check also have to check the cable distance and finally you have to check the configuration ....

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by shmaltz In reply to Router problem

Just my $.02
Is the cable cross over or straight? just swap the cable of the oposite.

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by jt In reply to Router problem

what type of wic was this wan cable plugged into? If the port
block is lablled anything other than WIC1-ENET it's not an
ethernet drop, judging from your frame relay comment your
dealing with a T1 that is plugged into a dsu card (WIC-T1-DSU).

if this is the case, the firewall will never work directly and you
will need the router in between. If the frame relay is an
integrated product (split voice and data) and is handed off in
standard ethernet (from an adtran iad, or some other such
equipment) you will need a crossover cable, orange and green
pairs should be flopped on each side.

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by Kryptos In reply to Router problem

What is the WAN interface on 1700 Router ?

TZ170 has ethernet Port for WAN connectivity


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by PowerIon3 In reply to Router problem

I agree with your previous responder the router problem will be easier to respond to if you identify the "cable" you are having the problem with: what does it connect to? is it one that is inplace or did it come with the new router. Also you must have a working configuration with the correct informationon the port for a router to work properly. Get back to us on these issues.


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by dacook In reply to Router problem

Did you try the simple first. Maybe you need to replace the X-Over cable with a straight.

Just might work.

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by estebandelatorre In reply to Router problem

You will need to ENABLE the Wlan Interface first in order to make it work.
Then configure clock external or internal?
Who puts the clock into the wlan interface, the FR-Modem or the router interface?
Hope it help!

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by dpekol1 In reply to Router problem

The Sonicwall TZ170 is a firewall with several other features. It is not a router. You need to have the cisco router-CSU/DSU plugged into the frame network with the internal interface plugged into the Sonicwall (using a crossover) The plug the internal sonicwall interface into the LAN switch. Configure the external IP of the cisco router with the ISP info and the Internal Cisco with the first available public IP that you have been provided. use the 2nd available public on the outside sonicwall interface and NAT the remainder for you LAN devices as needed.

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