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Run amok, they have

By santeewelding ·
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These spammers.

I can only hope that our TR wizards are using this latest onslaught -- this coming out into the clearing -- to more perfectly calibrate windage, elevation, and other attributes to deadly effect.

Of course, the wizards may also have thrown up their hands; gone home in the face of a New Normal. I know I'm about ready to.

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Just saw one disappear.

by seanferd In reply to It's getting even better ...

Your answer to a Q had been there around a day, then went missing.

OTOH, I had one disappear when I posted, didn't bother to re-post anything, but now its show up after about a day.


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Yep something screwy is going on @ TR

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Just saw one disappear.

Perhaps I've just had all the posts that I make with Links to the Technical Stuff reported as Spam and it's being removed. :^0

Actually I'm finding it difficult keeping up with the Going On's @ TR over the past few days. At first I just thought I was sillier than normal but things defiantly are just plain screwy and I'm OK.

I've even checked and made sure that I was logged on as Smeggy and when I submit a post it shows as being posted by Hal. Well as the Ancient Chinese Curse Goes May You Live In Interesting Times and right at the moment TR is nothing if not Interesting.

Col [/maniacal laughter]

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by seanferd In reply to Yep something screwy is g ...

Part of this thread just disappeared.

[edit: Or maybe I'm mistaken. I can't tell anymore. :^0 That's what <i>They</i> want, isn't it? Darn alien upstart types.]

I've just posted another post that didn't post, elsewhere. Maybe it will show up tomorrow.

Interesting times, indeed. :^0

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