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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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garden leave

by greenmole In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

I have worked on telecom networks for the last 6 years and just give him garden leave, i.e pay them there notice and don't risk your security.

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high road

by jaysona In reply to garden leave

just follow that path and you'll be shown the promised land :)

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Have respect for former company, and self

by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

I have to think that the individual being let go would have the respect for his peers in the IT industry and for himself to avoid causing damage to a company that let them go.

Someone is going to be charged with cleaning up the mess, not to mention the potential legal ramifications of causing damage...

Take it with a grain of salt, as it is a business decision. And move on

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And of course

by RFink In reply to Have respect for former c ...

Never buy the company's products again. :)

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Harsh, but catch him unprepared

by akumudzi2 In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

Some would do that yes, people have different ways of handling bad news. Some completely forget there's a tomorrow and do stupid things like that.

My strategy would be to catch him unprepared. Crocodile smiles etc... Then just don't let him in the next day (after changing all security info of-course)

As for the ones that would install a virus, such characters should be filtered out during hiring...

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