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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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While I've never heard of an IT person doing that..

by heml0ck In reply to Same here

I have seen developers and engineers destroy their own files.
This only ever happened when the writing was on the wall, or they were informed by a little birdie.
It is common practice in my neck of the woods for IT people to be immediately escorted out of the building and off the premises upon termination.

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by asgr86 In reply to I've heard management con ...

Remove that guys access to all the server, database and other imp location as soon as he get to know that he is going to get sacked... and then let him collect all of his other personal items.

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If i was fired....

by rayanami In reply to I've heard management con ...

i wont be doing anything to harm the company. though i could also say that i wont be doing anything good for the company after they fire me. i'll leave the premises immediately so as not to be accused of sabotaging the system. of course, its up to them to find someone who can manage the system that I left.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

You hired this person and now you have to fire them. As a manager you've probably fired a number of people, how is firing the IT guy any different?

I've NEVER seen an IT professoinal ever do any of the acts you've described. Why? A couple of reasons. Typically IT professoinals aren't going to ruin THEIR reputation on something as trival as moving on. Also the IT pro would never put themselves in an area where possible litigation would destroy their careers and family.

Think about it this way:
If you were fired tomorrow would you take a match to the building or put strychnine in the guacamole? Probably not...Same goes for the IT pros...

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It DOES happen.

by darinhamer In reply to Trust

I am aware of a situation at a local branch of a national company. The local IT guy was caught having an affair with another employee in his office. He would hang a sign on the door not to bother him. One day, the site manager bothered him. It was quite a surprise for everyone, I hear. Anyway, the IT guy got fired.

About a week or so later, something interesting happened. A corporate VP had been down to do an assessment of the site and to determine the fates of some people now that their government contract had been renewed. He sent the site manager an e-mail that stated who would be promoted and who would be let go and who were irreplaceable and could basically write their own paychecks. I know this because I and everyone else who worked at that site, including the people mentioned in the e-mail, were able to read that e-mail. "Someone" apparently got access to the site manager's e-mail and forwarded the note to EVERYONE in his contacts. This was quite embarrassing and potentially caused some legal issues for the company. It could never be proven, but it is a widely held belief that the IT guy created a backdoor and logged in from a remote location and did this. The authorities were contacted, but to my knowledge nothing ever happened to him. And what I find interesting is that he was in the wrong. He should have been fired for doing the nasty on company property and company time.

Anyway, it is not a problem unique to IT either. My uncle owns a business selling semi trailers. He decided to close his service shop because it was losing him money. He tried to be nice to the shop employees and gave them two weeks notice. They stole every tool in the shop on their way out. Thousands of dollars worth of tools vanished.

Unfortunately, as cruel as it seems, you have to remove any opportunity people have to torpedo the company. A layoff may be different than firing, but chances are that even a good employee may have hard feelings about it and do something stupid before leaving. You've got to give them the news, soften the **** as much as possible, but then accompany them to the door. Give 'em a good severance. That might help.

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Just have to say....

by safesax2002 In reply to Trust

Just had to say I like your reference to Office Space :)

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timing is important

by bigbigboss In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

If you feel the guy is suspecting that you are going to fire him, do it quick, do it now, do it immediately, and walk him back to his desk, watch him clear it out, and walk him out of the office. I usually ask the security people to do that. You should get somebody to disable all his userids, and collect all his security cards, keys, ID's, etc.

If you don't think he is suspecting, then you can take your time. Don't do it on a Friday. Try Monday morning. You don't want a newly unemployed person mopping at home alone all weekend. Do it in the morning, so that he won't be alone at night at home. If there are people in your company handling problem employees, like employee assistance, counsellors, etc., get them involved.

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The right way .to lay someone off..

by RFink In reply to timing is important

My company is beign gobbled up by another. My last day is Dec. 15th.

They gave me five week's notice and a decent severance package after that.

Of course, I'm bummed about being laid off, but becasue of the way it was handled I don't have any hard feelings towards the company.

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looking for an IT professional

by trs789 In reply to The right way .to lay som ...

We are looking for an IT professional and are located in Troy. If you're interested in discussing the position, please drop me a line at Tom

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The process

by JamesRL In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

In other positions I've looked at and tweaked the process. The best practise I saw was to have a sys admin notified the day of (you have to trust your sys admin not to tell on pain of firing), and the Sys Admin should know when the "discussion" is going to take place. During the discussion, the logons are disabled. After the discussion, the person is escorted back to their work area and allowed to pack up.

It wouldn't protect you in the last sentance's case, but thats not a very often seen scenario.

This may sound cruel and inhuman, but at the place where I tweaked it, I was laid off, and it happened exactly how it had been planned. My boss escorted me back to my office, and offered to retreive any files I might need. I already had my contact list on my palm pilot. He even carried a box of my stuff to my car.


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