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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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Nay work if Sysadmin is on your side

by rebeccaaward In reply to The process

This doesn't cover the case where it is the Sysadmin who is being laid off. Who changes the passwords then?

When I quit my last sysadmin job, I stopped by 2 months later to visit some friends. They were having some computer issues and needed to let the Developer of our intranet log on. No one knew how to do so (he was from out of the state and had been sitting in his RV for two days.)

I offered to help, walked in to the server, logged in AS ME, and created him a user name and password. They had never deleted my account or passwords.

A year and a half later, they called me looking for files that had been under my control (they couldn't log into the web server). I told them where the files had been WHILE I WORKED THERE, but since I had left, they had rearranged that office and disposed of my furniture (it was pretty crappy furniture), so that was the best I could do.

They eventually gave up and called the hosting company to ask the passwords be reset. They probably had thrown my files away too.

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Never be in that position

by JamesRL In reply to Nay work if Sysadmin is o ...

I know its an ideal but you should never be in the position where one person is the only person who could do things. Does the business shutdown when the sysadmin goes on vacation? God forbid has a heart attack (its happened to me).

I make sure that none of my employees are that indespensible. Yes sometimes we have to revert to looking stuff up in some pretty sketchy docs but we have something.


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Company size is a factor

by jgruber In reply to Never be in that position

I have found myself in this situation once or twice before. I document the heck out of things, but have worked for a few companies where I was the only IT professional and there was no one else to share any of the information with. Not an ideal situation but it does happen.

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I've been in similar positions as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Company size is a factor

Granted I've always resigned and then been fired because I could do too much damage to the company.

And they walk in and destroy all my records of the system and then expect me to know what has happened anything up to 18 months latter when they manage to totally destroy the system.

To date I've been lucky as the head of the company has been brought up to supervise what I do when I go back to fix their problems and they can see what has happened when I ask what happened to the Paperwork that was stored in this filling cabinet. Only to be told that it was thrown out/shredded after I left. Apparently anything that I put to paper isn't worth keeping when I leave according to the non technical people running the show and they reap the rewards of their folly. :^0

But at least the people in charge know where to place the blame for the problems and I've never ever been accused of trashing anything well at least not by the real people who are involved. The Brown Noses want to blame me for their stupidity but every time it's comes back to bit them on the backside and they have to admit responsibility for the problems that they have made. They destroy the paperwork and then expect not to have problems down the path. The fact that I'm willing to go back there and help them sort out their problems also never goes astray either. This generally comes about after several phone calls where I tell the person responsible where things where placed when I was there and how to go about doing something and when they can not get the desired results anything up to 2 years latter I'll walk back in and fix the mess up and document the entire system again. Even then there are copies made and one copy is taken to head office while one remains in the local office and it gets destroyed again as useless junk that is only needed when they manage to break something next time. Fortunately there is always a copy available at head office so I don't need to walk back in and try to sort out the mess that they have managed to make.


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Then it should be the responsibility

by JamesRL In reply to Company size is a factor

of whoever the IT person reports to, to understand where the information is and what to do about it.

If you are going to manage the only IT guy, you need to make an effort to know something about the job and the responsibilities.

I would lay this down as a failure to manage.


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James I would say most things are down to a Failure to Manage

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Then it should be the res ...

Every time that I've left a job I've been the one asking for the necessary changes to be made just so that some Idiot can not latter say that I've done anything to adversely impact upon the system.

In my experience most of the smaller companies treat IT as some form of Magic that they are unable to comprehend and somehow it just happens without any effort.

Of course most of these places are run by accountants so you can not expect too much sense to be involved but I do try to have by back covered when I quit then get fired because I can not be trusted to stay and work out my time without attempting to destroy the company. One of the best ones was when I was speaking on a phone to the CEO of the place that I had just resigned from they had to have one of the sales people standing around me to make sure that I didn't say anything bad about the place.

3 Weeks latter when I tried to ring him to tell that I had heard that he had resigned and was being allowed to work out his 3 months he wouldn't take my phone calls. Then just before he left I got hit by him for trying to speak to him after leaving and it was then that I told him that the competition had told me that he had resigned and it was his fault that he wouldn't speak to me as he had a hole in his company that I couldn't be part of. What he wanted to turn into a Col Bashing session backfired on him and I was the Good Guy who was still standing up for the company.

What got even better was that I was told not to speak to their customers and I said I would gladly stop speaking to them if they would stop ringing me up and that as I had a silent Phone number someone within his organisation had handed out my phone number to the dealers so again it wasn't my responsibility but I would at least help them with Technical Problems but if they started to complain about the company all I would say was that I no longer work there and I suggest that you ring so & so to make a complaint. :^0

Latter that night the AU Service Manager was plying me with drinks and paid for the cab home. Seems that I was such a bad egg that he still wanted me on side for help when he needed it.


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What A Guy

by JohnnySacks In reply to The process

I guess carrying your box to your car was the least he could do. Was he teary eyed about potentially ruining your life? Glad you saw it coming and could take what you needed (anything that wasn't chained down?)

I know it's mostly an urban myth, but there's a vicarious thrill to be had about ruining a company on the way out the door. There truly are companies out there which deserve to have every form on vengeance taken out on them.

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Not the company, usually

by Dr_Zinj In reply to What A Guy

Organizations may be a pita to work for, but in reality, it's usually the manager(s) that make or break the relationship you have with the company. A good boss can make even a rotten company be a nice(r) place to work, while a ****-poor, or malicious manager can turn a heavenly place to work into **** on Earth.

Only fools use their professional knowledge to screw over a company - unless they're never going to work in that field again, and even if they aren't, they now have a track record of unreliability in ANY field.

If you're really dead-set on taking revenge on a real stinker, nothing beats sticking a dead skunk under the passenger side tires of his or her car. Of course, GETTING the dead skunk is a means of checking your own commitment to the revenge project in the first place. ;-)

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I personally like the handicapped sign

by jmgarvin In reply to Not the company, usually

You can pick them up at any gag gift store. Just plant a pole and the sign in your old managers parking space...and BAM...instant ticket!


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Don't do the skunk

by GSG In reply to Not the company, usually

Best is a chicken from the grocery store. It'll take longer to smell and it'd be harder to connect it to you. It gets pretty raunchy in the summer. I know, I had one fall out of my grocery sack into the trunk and it fermented in the hot sun for a few days until I tracked down where the reek was coming from.

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