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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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He was upset, and he is still a friend

by JamesRL In reply to What A Guy

He didn't have a choice. He had to make cuts. It happens. I've laid people off too.

I would never burn a bridge unless I was unjustly fired. I've seen people come back after layoffs, or even come back after leaving to work somewhere else. I depend on those old employers for good references(and got them). My employer paid for outplacement services.

I didn't take anything that wasn't mine. My company provided a pretty generous severence package. I was laid off during a downturn in the market, but it didnt ruin my life.


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Burning bridges

by Womble In reply to He was upset, and he is s ...

I agree with the sentiment about burning bridges - I lost a job at the beginning of the IT crash, after 10 years with the company. 2 years after that I was offered a different job back with the same company, more interesting more control more pay, and now have been made permanent.
others made redundant at the same time are still struggling hand to mouth, and they took a burn it outlook.
The manager who sacked me was also later turfed. He is now working as a manager of a contractor company that I can choose or not choose to use.

Power is a sweet thing

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Yeah! I creates backdoors...

by skqmad In reply to The process


I am a coder by profession with 4+ years of experience. Created numerous intranet, extranet, websites and web applications of simple and complex nature. I have also never heard of such things in my career. But I tell you wisely, a coder can do such things VERY EASILY...

I works in office as well as a freelancer too. I admits that I have either the copy of those applications I have created or have created backdoors sometimes. Yeah I do! But why??? Want to harm anyone???

Well, its not to harm anyone. It depends on the situation. Sometimes I want to deal with clients who are vulnerable to deliver payments even upon complete deliver of projects. Sometimes its because of some stupid clients who do corrupt the things and tell me that its me who is responsible and don't want to understand anything and I have to take care of their problem to sake my reputation. But most of the time its actually because I sometimes need to access some code or part of code that I already have done for someone but would take days or weeks if have to start from scratch. Just 2 days before, I accessed a site for the first time that I did 2 years before just to download a couple of coding files and re-use them solving an issue which was bothering me for a week, and it took just 2 min.

Regarding creating problems for the company - It all depends on the employer's own will, nature and circumstances. Last year, I was told to be fired only because the new MD wants his team to work with him, regardless of 3 big projects I was doing simultenously and remained uncompleted. The MD told me that they have outsourced!!! I was told in the afternoon that I don't have to come tomorrow. I was so shocked that a thought to do huge destruction came to my mind. But I am an IT Professional and these things are not the properties of a Professional. So, did copy all the code that had gone in vain and left as soon as it was 5 o'clock.

End result --- I do it just for positive purposes, to help stupid clients and to save time not trying to re-invent the wheel. Neither did nor will do any such negative practice.

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Well you might have some IP problems there

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yeah! I creates backdoors ...

However as human memory wipes haven't been invented yet, aide memoires I don't gave a problem with. I remember enough of the sense of things I've done, not to go mad on this sort of thing.

It's one of the key points about leaving somewhere, if something goes wrong after you leave and you still have access, you become prime suspect....

Happened to me once when I swapped departments in the same firm.

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The process

by JamesRL In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

In other positions I've looked at and tweaked the process. The best practise I saw was to have a sys admin notified the day of (you have to trust your sys admin not to tell on pain of firing), and the Sys Admin should know when the "discussion" is going to take place. During the discussion, the logons are disabled. After the discussion, the person is escorted back to their work area and allowed to pack up.

It wouldn't protect you in the last sentance's case, but thats not a very often seen scenario.

This may sound cruel and inhuman, but at the place where I tweaked it, I was laid off, and it happened exactly how it had been planned. My boss escorted me back to my office, and offered to retreive any files I might need. I already had my contact list on my palm pilot. He even carried a box of my stuff to my car. I was laid off in October, and he asked me to come to their departmental Christmas lunch.


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The answer, DON'T

by jdclyde In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

IT guys are much too nice to be let go, short of the entire company going under, and in that case any damage done is unimportant.

If you MUST do this, make sure that someone else has the admin passwords. When he is taken into your office to be notified, THAT is when you change all the passwords, and disable his accounts.

If you suspect triggered viruses, then you are directly to blame for hiring someone that could not be trusted in the first place.

Then again, depending on WHY they are let go, how much can YOU be trusted either?

Trust is a two way street, and you have not given us enough information to tell if there is a betrayal or not for you to can someone right before the holidays. A pretty disgusting practice some companies have these days it seems.

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My Answer, Big Yes or NO

by rnlmush In reply to The answer, DON'T

It happens to me during my 31st bday. We are 20 IT personnel fired, my dept.head. All us developers,,admins, pc support, im one of them, It's a disaster things happen to us, The only reason is a poison or malicious letter spread in the whole company and some outside the premises, about a new hire (2 months) Senior Manager of IT, but first he change some policy in our IT Group, that trigger the anger of some senior IT Manager/Supervisor. He also hires new 3 IT consultant from his previous company; it happens only in 1 month, then during my bday 1:00pm, they call us all in one room ground floor of the building, they call us one by one, they force us to sign the quitclaim, the paycheque, reason "REDUNDANCY" we are all clear in all accountabilities; after three hours, 4:00PM we all accompanied with guards to pick-up all our personal things in the 5/F Floor, it Hurts, It SAD, some cried, if i have grenade on my pocket at that time, "maybe it explodes" including me,
It shocks us all, some of us are married, kids to feed,for school tuition, some supports their family, Why is this happen? After a week we meet all, we consult lawyer for our case but nothing happens, they traitor us. But the another things happen, their system down for 3 days, their mail-server is down for unknown reason, the remote sites cannot retrieve password, even the headquarters, after 2 weeks, the new manager fired by managements. After 1 year they hired them again..

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But JD it saves the company involved

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The answer, DON'T

The expense of paying someone not to work over the Holiday Period. But I'll bet you $ to Donuts that the Upper Management is walking away with massive Xmas Bonuses and the other fringe benefit's that go along with their positions.


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**** his brains out without warning

by NZ_Justice In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

but has dire consequences for you?

unless of course you have no conscious.

and can get away with murder.

but then you could always write a book called:

If I did it. how it happened.

A hypothetical look at blowing the brains out of an IT person without warning.

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That's a really good point

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Blow his brains out witho ...

As quite often it's not what the IT person can do but what they hold in their head that can do the damage to a company. As yet there is no way known of disposing of this information without breaking the LAW!

It makes things even worse if the fired person them starts working for a competitor as they then have inside information on how the company that they just left works and most likely have a lot of knowledge that they where unaware of that can be used against the company who terminated them. As they are now working for a different company it's perfectly Professional to give the new company every advantage possible.


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