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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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That's not even the slightest bit creative

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IT guy response

If I really wanted to get back at some company who had really Pissed Me Off I would be looking at stealing a copy of all their data and passing it on to all the competition so they lost sales.

Taking out a server is child's play and not even worth the effort involved. If you are really paranoid you need to worry about your company Data which is the valuable thing that needs protecting. It's also the IT people who get the blame when it goes astray even though everyone else in the office has access to it and can move it out of the company when they like. But it's always the IT Staff fault when this happens.

Personally I see things like this as a sign of a bad company to work for if one or more staff members are involved in stealing data there is a serious problem inside that company. Your average Professional IT Person would generally prefer to say F### YOU! and walk away than to be involved in anything like this as it's petty and ultimately a waste of time and effort that could better be used elsewhere.

It never fails to amaze me just how the people in Middle to Upper Management think what the IT staff could do. I personally see this more as a reflection on the way that they behave rather than the way that IT Staff behave.


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Do it quick otherwise it will cause distruption to your deptartment

by rob In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

If your seriously considering laying off someone, the relationship with this employee is likely to already be low. If they know they're not performing to your expectations they can either get dispondant and lazy or do expactly what you ask to the letter. In the IT department this can cause major impact to project timelines being missed, or risks and issues being ignored or just the management system not being told. All this adds to the stress of the team. As already said you should do it quick and controlled. I've only seen 1 malious attempt of sabotage by on disguntaled employee in the 20 years I've working in IT. This did however end up with the CEO of a bank getting removed, but the CEO had done something silly and all what happened was infomation from IT systems got published in the press.

As for the risk of stuff in someone's head, this is alway a problem and you will have to just work through the holes that this can create. My experience is the holes in the knowledge pool are always filled quicker than you expect, someone who was in the background steps forward and you find out that they was doing most of the difficult stuff with out you knowing.

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Distruption Issue?

by methos7997 In reply to Do it quick otherwise it ...

The knowledge pool works in both ways. Sometimes the person who leaves has alot of information about a project than the rest of company knows about. It all depends the structure of the company.

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Structure of Company and Project Type

by rob In reply to Distruption Issue?

I agree, each situation should be analysed. Application development project will be higher risk than infrastructure ones.

I do however think weak management hides behind this and fails to act. Also working for 2 of the big 5 I've see that the HR system can also be an inhibitor. HR insists that everything is done to manage the employee up, this is important, but sometime HR stops at the last point of removing the employee. This causes more friction in the system.

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walk him/her out the door

by shereena In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

there should be a computer policy and procedure manual that is signed by all new employees @ time of hire. When you sack an IT employee or any other employee, they should be assisted in removing their stuff from their office, retrieving all keys and escorted out of the building. If after the fact, you find they have done anything the policy that was signed by employee will allow you to go after them legally

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And Get A Jury Of Laid Off IT Workers

by JohnnySacks In reply to walk him/her out the door

Happy thoughts, BWAHAHA. Who the heck else has the time to sit on a jury panel but 12 well used ex-employees.

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Not guilty <EOM>

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to And Get A Jury Of Laid Of ...


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Guilty as Hell

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not guilty :D <EOM>

Hang the CEO head of HR and any other management that is silly enough to come near the court.

OH the IT person didn't do anything wrong it's all Managements fault.


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HAL 9000 presides over a

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Guilty as Hell

kangaroo court.

I like it

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No Tony I'm a Realist

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HAL 9000 presides over a

BTW Kangaroo is really tasty so why would you have them running a court when you can eat them? :^0

Col ]:)

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