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Sacking an I.T guy

By gflyhalf ·
What is the best way to lay off an I.T guy? I've heard of a guy who was given a notice and within the same day,he had corrupted the database,deleted crucial files and took off within 30mins. Cases are also told of guys who install viruses that are triggered off when they dont log in within a specific period of time....

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I agree

by v-abdulhaq.khan In reply to Well i never...

I resigned from my previous job, and the company actually asked me to stay on for longer than the notice period(30 days). From time to time I still get calls for assistance.

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Like any other employee

by thx_1138a In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

Assuming he's not your only IT guy, it should be handled like any other employee. As suggested by several others, IT Manager/SysAdmin should disable or limit the access of ANY employee getting the pink slip.

IT staffer aren't the only ones capable of this kind of stuff. I've heard of autoworkers intentionly dropping tools into car engines; bank tellers and grocery stockboys wrecking havoc. Most people will go without incident if they're treated fairly and honestly. Someone who is kept in the dark, lied to or treated without dignity or respect would IMHO be the ones most likely to be destructive.

I would also punish, to the fullest extent of the law, A-N-Y-O-N-E who actually causes harm to another employee or to the company and/or it's property. Doesn't matter if it were an administrative assistant shredding documents or someone kicking holes in an office wall. This sort of behavior does not require a signed document to prosecute. The need to put 'expected behavior' rules into an employee handbook is a sad comment on how impolite and self-centered both employers and employees have become.

For the record, I've been on both sides of the desk (being let go & doing the letting).


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Remove him, don't sack him.

by Oz_Media In reply to Sacking an I.T guy

one thing people don't learn when letting employees go, you don't give them two weeks notice. You remove them, wqatch while they pack up and walk them out the door.

In may cases you have to still pay them two weeks, in lieu of notice, but it's better than losing data or other precious office hardware.

Wait until the end of the day, tell him it's over and wait until he's packed then escort him out the door. It doesn't have to be done rudely or too regimental, just be polite and he will completely understand your need for security.

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Remove him, don't sack him bad idea

by matthewhastings In reply to Remove him, don't sack hi ...

If someone did that to me. I would be in through a remote connection and screw there hole system for treating me so badly. Companies should not treat people like that. I would give the person a good punch in the head for being such an assH@&le.You said "It doesn't have to be done rudely or too regimental" but what the **** do you call that.There has to be a better way.

The best place for Mp4

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it sounds like you are the kind of dumba$$

by w2ktechman In reply to Remove him, don't sack hi ...

that leads to this kind of discussion in the first place.
If you hate your employer so much, find a new job!
if you need to 'get revenge' for receiving a good paycheck, then you are the kind of A$$hole that any company can do without, and I hope that you spend many years in the unemployment and foodstamp lines

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You are the kind of dumb w2ktechman

by matthewhastings In reply to it sounds like you are th ...

I love my job and my Boss is Great. I've never been to a foodstamp lines sound like you have though A$$hole do you have a job?

E.G so if someone worked for you for 10 years supporting your system and you would like to get rid of them you would do this Wait until the end of the day, tell him it's over and wait until he's packed then escort him out the door? That very nice I would be very happy "Not". Say you need there assistance for some reson (DB,Password,Settings,Others) Do you think they would help you "Your Dreaming"

this is Much better
If you trust this tech, then it should not be a problem. However, if he/she is being terminated because of a wrongdoing, or if he/she has commented in the past about doing harm to the systems/net/etc. then walk him/her to the door or have security walk him/her to the door

P.S your an A$$hole.

P.S.S Solution any employer sould have a contract to prevent this. Your Still an A$$hole The best place for Mp4

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I am not the one

by w2ktechman In reply to You are the kind of dumb ...

who posted that they would hack in the back door for malicious doings.
So how am I the A$$hole when I do not condone that kind of behaviour? Only an A$$hole would not only condone this behaviour, but would actually do it themselves.

If you are getting paid for a service, then yes, you may be upset that management downsized you, or terminated you, but, that does not give you an inherent right to mess with the network/systems/etc..
and just because they locked out your account and escorted you out the door is no reason to hack in and do damage. You got a paycheck for your services, and most likely a 2+week severence.
I have been in the situation of purchasing a vehicle on a 5 yr. loan, being told that my job was stable. 2 weeks later I was unemployed through no wrongdoing of my own. Yes, I was pissed off, but I never thought of trying to hack the companies network or do damage.
I did the adult thing and Looked for a job!

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PS grow up

by Oz_Media In reply to You are the kind of dumb ...

PS grow up and stop advertoising your little kiddie sites for i-Pod vids; do you really think that no brainer trendy garbage is even remotely cool on TR?

If you had a rasonable alternative, other than spewing your flames, you would at least be able to get your point across.

Since you have chosen to reduce yourself to the wit and mentality of a small schoolgirl, then the only point you are proving is the one you need a hat for.

Grow up

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No I wouldn't

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Remove him, don't sack hi ...

In fact I'd want all my accesses explicitly revoked before I left. I'd want to show I was a professional even if they weren't.

I agreed with you when you said if you treat people badly they are apt to treat you badly, however if people mouth off about the damage they are going to do should they get the push, that justifies the take no risks, slam door in persons face manoeuvre doesn't it?

A great boss eh, don;'t let him see the post you just did, stuff will change.

Even if he takes it in his stride, his boss might not.

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Grow up

by Oz_Media In reply to Remove him, don't sack hi ...

An employer walks in and explains you are bing let go. You won't be needed for the two weeks, however you will still be paid in lieu of notice. Pack up and you're gone. Done deal.

I've done it and met th guy for a beer at the end of th day. Allowing a trminated IT employee to stay or even work the two weeks is just stupid.

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