Salvaging Old Exchange 2003 deployment

By troy ·
I have a situation where the hardware running our Ex2k3 Enterprise server is no longer sufficient. The mail store is about 50GB for less then 30 users. The actual data may only be around 12GB, but it hasn't had an offline backup done in over 5 years (and my spam filter was out for 3 weeks!!!!). I attempted to do one, but the size of the store stopped me since the Dell 2600 only has specific SCSI connectivity and the drives (transaction and store .... and I accidently erased 7GB of logs a month ago) are full. There are no IDE channels, and not even extra molex power connectors. I tried an add in SATA controller and had to get an old AT p/s to power the drives, but nothing has worked (compression and checking the store), and moving that size of store is too difficult. I spent an entire weekend with the mail route disabled while I tried; so I am no longer interested in attempting that solution (worked 36 hours straight and continued once I slept for a couple of hours).
I have decided to bring up a new server (which is done), and move users and eventually decommission the old server. My problem lies in trying to get this done, and have both machines receive email. I can only get one (the master) to receive email and deliver it to the mailbox. If my user resides on the new (member) it gets stuck in the smtp queue. I have not done any modifications to any exchange setup other than the initial install, which left me with what looks like a functioning exchange deployment. I am not able to cluster these machines, so all I want is mail to be delivered to one server, and have exchange determine on which server the mailbox resides, and to deliver it to them. This way I will have time to work on mailbox's that do not move easily. There is some corruption on my original store that I am unable to fix right now. Once most of the users are off it, I can try some more fix's, but it is almost impossible to work on due to HDD restrictitons. Any help would be great.

Original Box: Server 2003 SP1-Exchange Ent SP2
New Box: Server 2003 R2/SP2 - Exchange Ent SP2


PS: I do not want to simply add the store to larger SATA drives because as I said it has errors, and teh store is so large it isn't easily managed anymore. It is time to start fresh, enforce mailbox size limits and prep for a 2010 migration.

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SMTP relay

by troy In reply to SMTP queue?

I did have a SMTP relay for our ISP, but I do not think that was really needed (they would stop spam should we get nailed with something). I removed it, but I had the same thing happen (stuck in queue). I am reading what I can about troubleshooting the queues; I think that I am close to having it work, I am just missing something little, but important.

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Ok well good luck....

by CG IT In reply to My plan is...
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by troy In reply to Salvaging Old Exchange 20 ...

It appears that I had a smart host entry in the default SMTP server on the the original Exchange Server. I removed it and it didn't make any difference ..... until I restarted the SMTP server in IIS. Mail now flows to the users on the other box. Thanks for the help.

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by Churdoo In reply to Resolution!

Not so fast ... Yes having the smarthost entered in your SMTP virt server properties is indeed what hosed your server-server communications, however I presume that if you had a smarthost entry, that it was there for a reason -- probably to be able to send outbound email via your ISP SMTP servers as they may block you from sending outbound SMTP email directly -- this is common for broadband ISP's.

If this is the case, then removing the smarthost entry from your SMTP virt server properties may have broken your outbound email and you haven't noticed yet. For this you will have to put the smarthost entry, not in your SMTP virt server properties, but in the properties of the connector that's responsible for sending your outbound email (the one with * on the address space tab). If you don't have said connector, then you will have to create one, in the routing group in which your server #1 is the master.

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More Info...

by troy In reply to smarthost

I did have a smart host connector, but I removed it first, and still had the same issue, so after i checked out the SMTP virt svr, I saw it there as well, and all articles said ex2k3 uses smtp for interserver communication. I removed it and it worked AFTER i restarted the virt smtp svr. I was also able to send mail to hotmail accounts, so I assume my ISP isn't going to be a problem, but I will verify that after the problem mailbox (CEOs using Entourage, no PST support, and his eMailBox was almost 3 GBs) I am moving folder one by one to PST, and will try somethings with just his MB in that old Store.
Thanks again for the support.... I have been slaving on this for weeks, and it all came together in a couple of days.

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GAL and Public folder issues

by troy In reply to Salvaging Old Exchange 20 ...

I have tried to follow the steps outlined in many documents, but I am unsuccessful in my migration as of yet. I have a few questions that may be answered here.
1) Are the GAL and the offline address book the same thing?
2) How come my users resolve through OWA (which is pointing to the new Ex2k3 svr), when all my outlook clients only see the old svr. All my users are on the new box (this is affecting the Global Address List).
3) I have 3 mailboxes "systemMailbox", "SystemAttendant" and "SMTP". What should I do with these mailboxes? Should they just be left?
4) I have a 50 GB private store, with no users, and I cannot manage the public folder with any sort of ease (all the space on the RAID is being used by the priv store). Can I simply delete this store and create a new small one as a place holder for now (then I can run utils on pub store)?

Thanks for any replies in advance,


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re: GAL and Public folder issues

by Churdoo In reply to GAL and Public folder iss ...

1) No, the GAL and OAB are different
2) I'm not sure what you mean by this
3) Yes those are administrative mailboxes on the server
4) Are all of the user mailboxes purged from the old private database, and they do not show up as deleted re-connectable mailboxes? What about logfiles for the store; i.e. are there e00*.log files taking up any significant space on this volume? The e00*.log files are typically stored in the same directory as the priv1 and pub1 databases. If so, and since all of the production users have been moved off of the store, you may delete some logfiles to make room for you to do an eseutil /d on the private database. If you've cleared enough room for that to complete successfully, your 50GB priv1 database will be shrunk to something a lot smaller, and will alleviate your capacity problems on that volume.

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re: GAL and Public folder issues

by troy In reply to re: GAL and Public folder ...

2. I can search for users in the address by using the 'check names' button in Outlook Web Access (OWA), but internally, using Outlook (XP,2003, 2007) I cannot find any names using the 'To:' button. Global address list shows only a few distribution lists from the original Exchange Server. I have not migrated anything over in the way of roles (I started and when this failed, and publics folders wouldn't fully replicate, I undid everything the documentation instructed me to do to decommission an Exchange 2003 Server).
3. What do I do with them? I want to get rid of the store in exchange and it says I might lose some functionality.
4. Can I delete it? If I must have at least one, can I create a new one. This one will not compact. It has issues, and I have almost an impossible time trying to use extra drives to host the temp files needed for defragmentation. The drive only has 3 GB left, and the log drive is only 18 GB. No choices left but to dump it. If I can dump it with affecting my users (who are all on the other machine), I can work a little bit with the old machine on public folders.
All mailboxes except those mentioned in item 3, the system mailboxes, are moved and do not show up in the ESM/store/mailbox entry.


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by troy In reply to GAL and Public folder iss ...

I found the GAL settings under in ESM; under recipients, Global Address List, and saw it still referenced the old server, so I modified it, and simply selected the new server with an AD search, and updated it. It took a while, but within 8 hours I had all my users names available to everyone again.

I still need to address the Public folders, and the rest of the roles to decommission my old server.

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