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You're a fount. And a rock. Acerbic, cryptic, wordsmith. Master of Necessity. Phuque anyone who says other.

RIP, dear man.

santeewelding left us sometime this morning/last night, due to complications of esophageal cancer.

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+1 for your excellent turn of phrase!

by hippiekarl In reply to valid
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Thanks for the recommendation.

by apotheon In reply to valid

Now . . . where did I get that turn of phrase?

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You don't have to share anything really

by JamesRL In reply to Sorry.

You can set up a FB ID without disclosing tons of personal information, and you can restrict that little bit to friends. You can even use an alias.

I don't allow strangers to see my pics or my wall. I don't share my university, my employers, my mailing address, email address or phone number. I don't add friends that I don't know.

I do share concerns about people who share too much. My daughters ended up unfriending their 20 something cousin because of her sharing of more than any of us wanted to know about her personal life.

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by apotheon In reply to You don't have to share a ...

You don't have to actually use it at all -- which is almost what you do if you don't share anything on Facebook.

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Heh... let me recap that

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You don't have to share a ...

Zuckerberg made a tool for sharing too much information, and it's really good - for sharing too much information.
If you want to, you can use this "tool for sharing too much information" to NOT share too much information.
But that makes Zuckerberg cry.

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There's still my second issue.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You don't have to share a ...

Even if Facebook was the NSA, I probably would still not be on it. As I noted, my brief experience taught me much I DIDN'T want to know about family, and I don't care at all about what their friends think or do.

Q&A and Discussions here tend to remain on technological topics. While WC conversations do tend to wander, you don't find many of us publicly airing our dirty knickers as e-therapy. The level of social interaction here is at just about right for me.

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"Even if" . . . ?

by apotheon In reply to You don't have to share a ...

> "ESPECIALLY if Facebook was the NSA, I probably would still not be on it."


edit: Holy crap. At one time, I used blockquotes to set off text quoted from other people in my comments, but then TR broke that -- then fixed it, then broke it again. I eventually switched to using a greater-than symbol at the beginning of each line of quotes, but now TR eats the greater-than symbol. I bet there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of comments from me that are now almost unreadable hash because you can't differentiate at a glance which parts were my statements and which were someone else's.

This is getting outta hand.

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They had to immunize the code to angle brackets...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You don't have to share a ...

since there were ways to break an entire thread downstream from a mangled set of brackets... which could be exploited to immunize spam to tagging.
It probably had to do with tags left open carrying over to the thread downstream... I guess html doesn't have a catch-all capper, to cap any and all formatting tag left open upstream?
Now they even have a little in-reply-box guide for which code tags can be used for what... although I have no idea when it displays... I guess it only displays in the "add your opinion" box, not in regular reply boxes... although I haven't checked.

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That's why I use italics

by NickNielsen In reply to You don't have to share a ...

TR allows certain BB code tags.
does italic
does bold
(delete the spaces, of course)

As Ansu said, sometimes the code key is there, sometimes it isn't. tr-rectify appears to strip it out.

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I'll have to look into that for tr-rectify.

by apotheon In reply to You don't have to share a ...

For a while, bbcode didn't work, and only HTML did. It seems like they've gradually swung the other way, again.

1. It's not all that difficult to sanitize HTML without breaking links and the like. Really.

2. I wish they'd just pick a way to do it and stop screwing around with it.

Because of the change in how they handled italics for a while, I stopped using italics. I'm not terribly inclined to start again, because they might change their minds again.

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