SATA & External USB Drive Problems in Windows 7 (b7100)

By lehnerus2000 ·
I have 2 HDD related problems in Windows 7.


I cannot get Windows 7 (b7100) to allow the reporting of HDD SMART data.
I have tried 5 different programs but none of them will report any data about my new WD 1TB SATA HDD.
All these programs correctly(?) report info when I use XP SP3 with this PC.

2 - USB (WD 2500 UO17) external HDD

I was able to use my WD 2500 UO17 external HDD with Windows 7 (b7077). The only problem that I had, was that I had to kill explorer.exe to safely remove it.

Windows 7 (b7100) acknowledges that I have connected an external storage device and it also names it (incorrectly) but it does not appear in the list of drives in explorer.
It suggests that I get a driver from WD. I was unable to locate any drivers that seemed appropriate.

Does anybody have any idea how to fix these problems?

Thanks in advance.


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Since Windows 7 is still in BETA mode...

You might need to wait until the final release to see if your error to your external hdd gets corrected.
Another possibility could be your BIOS.
Have you updated your BIOS?.
If not then do it, but back up any data first.
Try another USB port and see if the error still exists. Why there is no driver(s) for your drive(s) is because they are not ready as of yet. Windows 7 drivers will not be out until well after the operating system ships. If it works under XP then you should stick with that for now and just play around with Windows 7.

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It just seems strange

by lehnerus2000 In reply to Since Windows 7 is still ...

It just seems strange that it worked 2 weeks ago with the previous beta (7077) and since installing RC (7100) it doesn't.

WD doesn't appear to have any drivers for external HDDs.

I upgraded my BIOS last month when I got my WD 1 TB SATA HDD.

I plan to keep XP SP3 for a long time (I have just finished doing a total re-install of XP & my programs).

Thanks for your suggestions, Peconet.


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No problem. I am running Vista 32 bit....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to It just seems strange

If it helps in anyway, i am running Vista 32bit and it is very good, but many people on here detest it. It is up to you though. But knowing that you are trying out Win7 means that you have side stepped Vista.
Another very good operating system (if you want to try it out) is Ubuntu (latest version)
Ubuntu here:

It has MORE than Win7 and can run on (nearly) any system that you have.
If you have two hdd's then that would be best, then you can switch between operating systems either through the BIOS or through its own boot-up screen. Make sure you have backup your work first though, at the moment nothing is 100% perfect. :)

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I have the Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD

by lehnerus2000 In reply to No problem. I am running ...

I have been using the Ubuntu HDD manager (GPart?) to set up my HDDs.
I have also used it to copy system files that Windows wouldn't allow me to.

Most of my programs are for Windows and I can't be bothered working out how to use the various Virtual PC programs to make them work in Linux (or to get the Linux variants).

I have had virtually no problems with XP over the past 6 years.

I have installed XP about 5 times and all but once it was because I had bought a new HDD or been given a new motherboard.
The other time I had to re-install it was because I had stuffed it up somehow.

I have "caught" a few viruses & Trojans but my AV program has stopped them from causing any problems.

I have tried using Vista a couple of times, but I don't like it.
I find it difficult to use. I thought that it might be easier to use after using Windows 7, but I was wrong.
For example I feel that it takes a ridiculous number of mouse clicks to set up the Display options compared to XP or Windows 7.

I like Windows 7 and apart from a few minor gripes and the problems I mentioned in my original post, I find it easy to use.


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Vista is different to everyone....

Like i said some people like it some do not.
I like it because it is more secure on the internet than XP. Yes there are a few settings to get over but in the end it is plain sailing after that. You download less updates in Vista than to XP. Vista is a little faster to load/install than XP. But in doing so you will have to have on hand the Vista SP1 and SP2 to load on after the main install of Vista, after that it is very good.
I test all kinds of operating systems and i find that Vista is not too bad compared to some older systems. I like Ubuntu also for its security that Windows does not have even today, you have to buy the Server operating system for that, of which i have tried also. Server 2008 is a very good system, if you can afford it. But then again why buy that when you can load on a Linux system that does the (nearly) same as server 2008.

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Less updates???

by 1bn0 In reply to Vista is different to eve ...

Sorry Peconet, but I had to comment.

Of course Vista had less updates. It already includes most of the fnctionality and bug fixes that have been provided for XP before hand. Not really a basis for comparison.

Yes Vista is more secure. It should be since Microsoft stated that was there number one goal when creating Vista. But I don't find any fo the advantages outway the toally useless windows dressing and gadgets that get in the way of doing naything in an efficient manner.

Efficiency is what computers are for. Vista fails big time in my opinion.

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USB Problem Caused By PEBKAC

by lehnerus2000 In reply to SATA & External USB Drive ...

I have discovered that it's my own fault that the USB HDD didn't work.

I managed to bugger up the permission settings in Windows.

Luckily I have been making regular image backups during my install/setup because I was unable to reset the permissions using the GUI or CLI.

I still can't read the HDD SMART data though.


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by lehnerus2000 In reply to SATA & External USB Drive ...

I replaced my MB with a newer one and my SATA info appeared.


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