SATA PCI Interfaced HDD

By jrpfeiffer ·
The computer has a bootable EIDE hard drive with XP Home installed. The motherboard doesn't physically support SATA. The goal is to install a new SATA hard drive using a PCI interface card that can be set up as RAID or non-RAID (non-RAID is the preference)and use it as the new boot drive with a new OS. The XP Pro setup doesn't recognize the SATA drive even using the F6 option and installing the appropriate drivers for the IF card. It only sees the C: drive. The SATA drive has been partitioned into 2 drives, G: and H:. These drives can be accessed and used through My Computer or any other means. Just can't install the OS and use it as the boot drive. I have disabled C: and booted from the XP Pro CD using the F6 option and setup can't find any HD. Any suggestions

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SATA PCI for XP Boot Drive

by ralphg_hoo In reply to SATA PCI Interfaced HDD

Using F6 option, does xp find the pci card?
I would think it should.
Depending on your motherboard, you will need to change the bios boot order, and disable booting from drives connected to the other interface's (ide/usb).
To be safe, physically pull the IDE cables for any HD's, then boot from the XP disk, give it the PCI card drivers, and I believe xp will find the drive. You should select create a new partition, to make sure that it's a primary and active partition. I have done this, and it was a pain, I actually disconnected all other possible drives including usb, except for the CD.

Good luck.
Please provide further details if you have problems.

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Your Hardware will be useful as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SATA PCI for XP Boot Driv ...

It's possible that you have a Chip Set incompatibility between the M'Board and PCI to SATA Card which is preventing the unit from working.

But no matter what when you press the F6 key you need the drivers copied to the Root of a Floppy or you'll be unable to load them.


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Tried these

by jrpfeiffer In reply to SATA PCI for XP Boot Driv ...

I pulled the cables from the IDE drive and I disabled master and slave in the BIOS setup. XP install doesn't see any drive (even after using F6). If I boot from the IDE drive, Windows recognizes the SATA drive. I formatted and partitioned it. But, I still can't install XP Pro on it. HELP !!!!

Thanx for you interest. Have a great day !!

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Now I'm really confused

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Tried these

I disabled master and slave in the BIOS setup

What is the type of computer or M'Board that you have here? BIOS doesn't set the Master Slave HDD in any computer that I've ever seen but just shows what has already been set on the HDD themselves. Just how old is the M'Board/computer in this case?

When you press the F6 Key when installing Windows you need the drivers copied to the root of a floppy that is you need the correct drivers copied directly to a floppy without folders just the drivers that you need straight to the floppy.


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Add'l Info

by jrpfeiffer In reply to Now I'm really confused

MB is FIC AM37. The computer is an eMachine T2482. CPU is an AMD Athlon XP 2Ghz. The BIOS refers to "IDE Primary Master and Slave and IDE Secondary Master and Slave." Regarding F6, that's exactly what I did.

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did u try

by juan18_c In reply to SATA PCI Interfaced HDD

To upgrade your BIOS firmware??? Remember that if u have a legacy mb you definately need an upgraded bios firmware. You can log in to your bios and look at the version you currently have. Post back n let us know your progress

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by jrpfeiffer In reply to did u try

Waiting for a reply from for BOIS upgrade info. Will advise. Thanx for your support.

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Need more details

by ralphg_hoo In reply to SATA PCI Interfaced HDD

What motherboard or computer model number?

Does your cmos/bios have the option to select 'other' bootable disks?

If XP can see the drive, obviously the interface card and drives are ok.
To boot, cmos must find the drive or allow boot from the added PCI card.

Model/version or mb info required.

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by jrpfeiffer In reply to Need more details

MB is FIC AM37. Computer is eMachine T2482 w/ AMD Athlon XP 2Ghz processor. BIOS is Phoenix-Award 03/18/2003-KM266-8235-6A6LVF0DC.
There is something referring to 'other' but I'd need to re-boot to be specific.

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it's always in the details

by ralphg_hoo In reply to Details

Noticed your awaiting a bios upgrade, good luck.

The FIC website lists VLB44 2/10/2003 as the latest bios for your board. Do you have this?

The FIC website also has the manual for your board, including bios settings.

On the "advanced BIOS Features" page,
ENABLE "Boot Other Device",
Then go into "Hard Disk Boot Priority" and set your CD first, then the "other" device.

Good luck, and please reply with details.

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