Satellite a105-s2231 bios reset

By joelmkennen ·
Now, original it was a repair job where there were broken connections and ripped wires. I fixed the laptop and returned it to the owner. Few days later, the owner comes to me asking for me to remove the bios password so that he may wipe it. (Apparently it hasn't been in use fore a while and he lost the password)

I already opened it up and I can't locate the cmos battery so that I may remove it.

I also haven't been able to locate anything like jopen1 so that I may short it.

I know in other versions there is 2 solder parts on the bored close to c88 that I could short. But, on this a105 system bored I haven't been able to locate anything similar.

I need help and I'm a lost.

At start up the computer locks. So using software programs in not an option even if there was a way. The only thing I can do is go to the bios and say HI to another password.

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TR Members Do Not Assist in Cracking computers

by The Scummy One In reply to Satellite a105-s2231 bios ...

this includes BIOS PW resets, Admin PW resets, and/or cracks for applications.
Please look elsewhere for this kind of information.

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I would contact....

by ---TK--- In reply to Satellite a105-s2231 bios ...

Toshiba, they should be able to help you out... Removing the CMOS battery doesn't work any more on the new systems...

Two thumbs up to you for taking their laptop apart, and putting it back together... those things were the biggest head ake.. for me atleast... I often wondered if they made them that difficult, just to **** off the tech that had to take it apart...

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by mjd420nova In reply to Satellite a105-s2231 bios ...

THose things are a real pain to get apart. Only the manufacturer knows the secret to getting it to fall apart easily. The secret is a bed of nails device using small pin wedges that you mount the laptop on and it does literally fall open. Getting all those little locks un latched at the same time will require no less than eight hands and the skills of a contortionist to get it apart. No, there is no CMOS battery and unless you have the Toshiba Secret Book, you'll have atough time getting the BIOS reset. I'll not reveal the secret or any clues as I have no way of verifying your story or who the registered owner of the unit really is. Contact Toshiba's tech support for the nearest service center and get the owner to provide you with his purchase records as Toshiba will surely ask for it.

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So how did you test the NB without the Password?

by OH Smeg In reply to Satellite a105-s2231 bios ...

If it was returned a Few days later it must have been set between the time of it's return to the owner and when it was brought back to you.

So if any customer can not remember a Password that they set from a few minutes ago to a few days ago then they deserve to pay for the repair.

As this is a Toshiba you need to return it to a Authorized Toshiba Service Agent to fix this issue. If you persist to enter the wrong Password it may very well lockup the NB completely and then you'll be unable to do anything with it so it has to be returned to the Toshiba Service Agent again.

Some Toshiba NB's will only accept 3 incorrect attempts to enter the BIOS Password before they just stop working all together till they are reset by the company. Naturally Toshiba doesn't share the data on how to do this just like IBM or Levono now doesn't with the Think Pads. If you want the Security Model then you have to expect to pay for it along the line.

Just remember to instruct the owner to include Proof of Purchase with the NB when they send it in to the Toshiba Service Agent as it will be required.


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