SBS 2003 - SMTP: 504 Need to Authenticate First

By jgreer ·
I currently have SBS 2003 using DNS to route email. Currently I have a 1/3rd of our emails being returned for error: 504 need to authenticate first. I have completed the steps in Microsoft's knowledgebase and regarding authentication. No improvement. Any idea's on what else I can do to correct this issue?

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Everything appears correct

by jgreer In reply to reply

This is one task I would like to get fixed. Based on your response, then everything is correct. Our MX Records point to our server, I have rerun the wizard for internet and confirmed. CG - if you have an seperate email I can provide you more detailed information. I am out of ideas and have bounced this off other Network Admins.

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More Information

by jgreer In reply to who is hosting what? Wher ...

Ok - I ran a test for Exchange and had the following error:

The fully-qualified domain name of SMTP virtual server 'Default SMTP Virtual Server' on server internalservername does not match the DNS resolved server name. This may cause mail routing problems. SMTP virtual server: DNS resolved server name: internalservername.APC.local.

Updated to local under fqdn and still no improvement.

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well you found your problem

by CG IT In reply to More Information

in a manner of speaking, if your SBS box is authoritative DNS server for your FQDN.

The authoritative name servers for your domain name are supposed to respond to DNS queries for your domain name.

Again, if you registered your SBS box to be the authoritative name server for your FQDN, then you will get these errors. If your ISP is supposed to be the authoritative name servers for your domain name, then something isn't configured right.

It sounds as if your SBS box is responding to queries for your FQDN which it shouldn't.

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Same problem - link to solution that worked

by goglesby In reply to SBS 2003 - SMTP: 504 Need ...

I was having the same problem with SBS 2003 and it was related the SBS SMTP connector. The following link (Step 2) solved it for me.;en-us;818222

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