Scanning to a DFS structure

By Larbakium ·
I am trying to scan a file over to a remote location via DFS (installed on a 2008R2).
DFS is setup with 2 Folders. Folder 1 has a target at level1 pointing to a remote PC using UNC and IP > I can map the network drive using \\IP\DFSshare\Folder1). Folder 2 has another such folders (folder21) where the targets are. UNC with IP. I can map using \\IP\DFSshare\Folder2\Folder21.
All folders have "Everyone" with full control.

Problem comes when I use a Network scanner. I am able to scan to Folder1 (which goes to the remote path) but I can not scan to any location on folder2.

Then network setup on the printer makes sense as I can see the right path on the network trace and I use the logic path that equal the network mapping.

Does anyone has any ideas?

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The security policy

by Larbakium In reply to Thats not what I said tho

... I missunderstood you.
I have checked User Right Assignment and Security Options, all seems fine, add a specific account as log on locally disabled sign communication and still does not look ok.Well only from the scanner. It could be that there is incompatability on the scanner side..

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