Screen problems.

By sven ·
Hi Sven here,
The screen on my laptop has done a 90 degree "flip" and is on it's side. If anyone has any suggestions on how to restore this I would be most grateful (as will my neck) !!!!
I have very limited computer skills- so please keep it simple! It started about 3 mths ago,and would "fix" itself if I restarted it.It has been 3 days now,with no change.Friends have not heard of this so I'm stuck, if anyone could be of help it would be much appreciated- thanx

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Video settings

by w2ktechman In reply to Screen problems.

you have a utility installed, probably in the systraty (by the clock) there will be an icon which has some video settings. If not it may be right clicking on your desktop for them to display.

Either way, in there you should find adjustments for display output.

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Don't we all just love those funky video driver functions nobody uses? :^0

by ManiacMan In reply to Video settings

I have an ATI All in Wonder card in my PC and it amazes me at how many useless "crap" features they throw in, many of which I don't intend to use and never will, such as rotating the display around. Why would I ever want to turn my LCD display on it's side? Maybe it's a vertigo feature! :^0

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Rotate the monitor 90?

by HCream In reply to Screen problems.

Just kidding ;-)
Right click any empty spot on your Windows' desktop. Select Graphics Options from the popup menu. Then select Rotation, Normal. That should do it!

You need to find out what's causing this, though.

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Thank-you HCream

by sven In reply to Rotate the monitor 90?

Yes that did it,much obliged thanx again.

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Shortcut Keys

by Bizzo In reply to Thank-you HCream

There is also a shortcut to this.

Press ctrl+alt+arrowkey.

So ctrl+alt+up will return it to normal, ctrl+alt+down will make the screen upside-down etc.

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Someone is 'pulling your chain' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Screen problems.

Do you leave your laptop unattended when others are around?

Somebody is playing a joke on you.

You'd be better to invoke ScreenLock when you leave your laptop running.

By setting up your screensaver to be password protected, no-one will be able to access your keyboard unless they first enter the required password.

That'll stop it happening again!

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