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screen sever password break

By sahilshaa ·
can i break windows screen sever password during screen sever window running.plz suggest a best way to do this.
Thank you

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autorun cdrom or similar exploit

by misc32487 In reply to

99% of these idiots don't even KNOW. They just hide behind "you are doing something shady". Lame.

I however am not going to JUDGE YOU lest I be judged. I will simply share the information, which wants to be free. SHAME on all you who cowered behind your righteous shield.

Make a new iso. Create autorun.inf text file which contains:


Pop the cdrom in and whatever.exe will be run (on most OS 95/98/NT/XP). You can make this be a program that kills the screensaver, or be a remote access tool (aka some people call this a trojan but there are THOUSANDS OF LEGIT REMOTE ACCESS SOFTWARE)

there you go.

Other methods like USB driver buffer overflows, or network attacks would also work.

ps. i signed up on this dumb site just to put these idiots in their place. enjoy the free information. information wants to be free.

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Ok, cracking screen saver PW

by w2ktechman In reply to screen sever password bre ...

required, 1 metal rod (unsheilded).

press ctrl-alt-del. It should show the PW box. enter any random 12 characters. The 13th character is the only one that matters, which is explained below.

Now, quickly use the rod and with force, push the rod into the PS of the computer. This will cause a short real quick like. Now you have 3 seconds to press PO (password override)(must be pressed simultaneously or you will need to restart)on he keyboard.

Now you must use the metal rod to "whack" the PW off of the screen. Note: force will be needed.

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Forgot to mention

by ozi Eagle In reply to Ok, cracking screen saver ...


You forgot to mention that he wear rubber gloves to prevent electrocution, hmmm or did you?


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1 metal rod (unsheilded)

by w2ktechman In reply to Forgot to mention

now ask yourself, did I???

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use cd autorun

by misc32487 In reply to 1 metal rod (unsheilded)

in case people look here and not in the other thread. again, use cdrom AUTORUN. that is the real answer. good luck getting back into your system.

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